Tuesday, 16 July 2019

The Luna Crusaders in action again.

Now then,

My homebrew chapter, the Luna crusaders take to the field once again, this time the battle brothers of the 3rd crusade group launch a pinpoint strike against the foul xenos, a genestealers cult. With their primary objective secure, they are counter attacked on all sides by hordes of foul mutants and traitors.....

Can they hold on until reinforcements arrive? See the link below to find out.

Luna crusaders vs Genestealer cult.

Take it easy chaps,


Sunday, 14 July 2019

Bolt Action 8th Army

Now then,

I've become tempted by bolt action. I blame Mr Dave Docherty......

Last year he very kindly gave me a Perry 8th army box set, along with a Perry bren carrier and a metal 6 pounder anti tank gun. He also gave me a Perry afrika korps box set, which I've since passed on to another club member, stuart.

Bolt action has gained some momentum at the club with players picking their side, Allies or Axis. Clearly I have maintained a stiff upper lip and gone for the Brits. The 4th bn the East Yorkshire regiment to be exact.

The 4th bn were part of 150th infantry brigade during the battle of Gazala in 1942, and were caught in rommel's great outflanking manoeuvre and fought in some bitter battles in what became known as the cauldron. Cut off from supplies, and surrounded they surrendered to the Axis forces.

So far I gave painted up a full platoon, with more in the form of support weapons and vehicles to be painted.

The Platoon consists of :

Platoon commander and radio operator.
3 x 8 man sections, each with a bren gun.
1 x boys antitank rifle team.
1 x 2inch mortar team.

1 x free artillery observer.
2nd lt Oliver, known as "olly" by his chums in the officers mess.

With his long suffering radio operator, Lcpl Roberts.

Neat little storage container with the full platoon taking a break in between battles.

British 8th Army vid#1

Bren carrier next!

More soon,

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Orks.. lots of orks......

Now then,

I got back into #warhammer40k kind of by accident. I was innocently digging through some old boxes of miniatures, and stumbled upon my old eldar army, then my old imperial guard army. Whilst sat there contemplating my misspent youth, I thought, why not go online, and take a look.... what harm could there be?

Now I ve never stopped enjoying the background to the whole 40k universe, even whilst painting historical armies, I'd be listening to audiobooks from the black library,  such an immersive universe,  great stories, great characters. Anyway, getting back to the point....

I found a channel called striking scorpion82 on YouTube. It was just as 8th edition was being released, I sat and watched an unboxing of the core set, and a rundown of the game. And I thought it looked great.

So some digging about in my mountain of shame later, I'd found an unpainted ork starter army from a previous edition. Things escalated quite quickly from there.....


My ork army is from the Deathskulls tribe, and is led by warboss Bluetoof Irongut.

This particular xenos scumbag has amassed a sizeable force of similar cut throats and thieving gitz to his cause.

My army is now well over 2000 points and still growing. I'm not sure what it is about orks, especially in 40k, but they are so much fun not only to use on the tabletop, but also to convert, and paint.

Heres Bluetoof, next to his totem pole, which I also constructed out of bits....

A good looking lad I'm sure you will agree.

To break up the painting of the hordes, I thought it might be cool if I made some themed terrain to go with them, all scratch built out of foam board, pringle's tubes, bottle tops and other assorted junk.

The great thing is, if you make mistakes and it looks wrong, then for the orks it works even better!

BLUETOOFS personal transport, his morkanought. Surrounded by his dread mob.

I actually converted the morkanought so that I can run it as a gorkanought too.

Probably the largest model I've painted, and he turned out ok in the end.

Overall the army has taken about 8 months to collect and paint, though I've recently started adding stuff to it.

 Theres so much variety within the army that it truly is one of those projects that will never be finished!

So, coming up.....

More lootas
More shoota boyz
Burna boys

I really should get some of those cool looking new buggies too....oh and some mega armoured Nobs.... and actually some freebootas would be cool too....

I hope your all enjoying whatever it us your doing with your hobbies, I certainly am.

I've made a video of my orks and chucked it on YouTube,


 Take it easy chaps,


Saturday, 29 June 2019

Dont worry, it's only a killteam!

Now then,

So last year I got the new killteam set, a great oppertunity to scratch the scifi/40k itch i have.  I thought (naively) I'd just get a space marine squad, mix in a few bits and Bob's and have a few options during killteam campaigns.

Heres the original killteam. I suppose what happened next was inevitable #onlyakillteam is a thing.

 In the killteam I had a couple of scouts, 1 with a sniper rifle, the other with a missile launcher, I thought I might as well paint up the whole squad.

These are fairly old miniatures now but I actually still like them.

Next up were some standard scouts, with bolt pistols and combat blades, again old miniatures but still pretty good I think.

I had a spare push fit intercessor sergeant, so decided to convert him into a Company Champion, a simple arm swap and the addition of a combat shield with a suitably epic pose and fancy ish base later and here he is.

Over the next few months the army continued to grow, probably 90% of the models came second hand from Ebay, so the costs were kept to a minimum.

The Company Ancient, carrying the standard of the III crusade group.

More stuff has been added, dreadnoughts, hellblasters, etc.

I have really enjoyed collecting this army so far, and will be continuing with it as I'd like a full battle company of 100 marines.

But for now I'm sitting at 1750 points, enough for a decent game, but with few options to change things up.

Hellblasters. Plasma armed support troops, who kind of replace devastates in a primaris marine force, I've ordered a second squad of these as they can be deadly.

As my Primaris chapter is based on the Black Templars,  I have kitbashed an Emperors Champion out of a Primaris Captain. Lethal against enemy characters and a complete hero.

A progress picture from earlier this year, aggressors with flamestorm gauntlets at the front there,  backed up by most of my troops, intercessor squads and the rievers.

The suppressors are my latest addition to the crusade, I replaced the heads with the old mk6 beaky helmets, and added pennants to their accelerator autocannon, thinking to make them look like knights with Lance's.

Heres my full crusade force so far. As you can see in the background I've spent alot of hobby time making scenery too.

I've made a series of videos over on YouTube recording my progress.


I recently had a great game using the Luna Crusaders for the first time against some foul Tyranids!
Click the link below to Dan (AKA Redtoofs) blog.
Battle Report

More soon!

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Blog update

Hi people.

It's been a long time, a couple of years I think. In that time I have of course continued gaming, collecting and painting.

So what have I been up to? Why the absence of blog posts?

Well, Facebook has kind of become an easier way to share hobby stuff, and also Instagram.

I have also started my own YouTube channel.  Stig ofthe dump

I have been thinking recently though that I might revive the blog, I've got loads of stuff to post about, lots of projects completed and lots started.

Updates soon.


Utah Beach

Now then,

Yes Im still alive. We recently played out a refight of Utah beach, 6th June 1944. Below are some pics of a great days gaming.

Take it easy chaps!

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Tiger 1E Normandy 1944

Now then,

Here is another of the big cats that operated in Normandy. This time its a Tiger 1E.

And here are both the Tigers together.

Thanks for looking!
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