Saturday 14 January 2023

Analogue Hobbies catch up!

 Now then,

So ive not updated this blog for a bit, heres what ive completed so far for the painting challenge, in no particular order.

So first up is 24 Rohan Oathsworn Militia. Old sculpts now but still look great on the table.

To go with them i have painted and textured some movement trays for my LOTR game of choice, War of the Ring.

Next we have some Orcs and Gobbos! 

These are my Forest Goblin Spider riding characters. Ive been meaning to get these done for ages!

I especially like how the converted shaman came out.

Savage Orc Beserkers!!!

These are the random 4 Savage Orcs i had left over from my SAGA Age of Magic warband. I have painted them up as beserkers with the addition of the warpaint.

Some Terrain and civilians for my North Africa setup.

These are 3d prints I picked up at the Battleground show, I like to see this sort of scatter terrain on the table, markets, civilians etc.

The Civilians are from Perry miniatures, actually from the Crusades range. They fit in pretty well for pretty much any era though.

So, im enjoying the challenge so far, its keeping me motivated to continue getting through my backlog of unpainted stuff.

Cheers for taking a look,

Sunday 1 January 2023

Analogue Hobbies painting challenge update 1

 Now then,

Heres my first entry in the challenge, 4 brigades of French infantry for Blucher. Ive had these sat in the pile of shame for a LONG time, so its great to finally have them done. I really do enjoy painting Adler miniatures, amazing crisp detail for such small models.

There is 1 legere regiment, and 3 Ligne regiments, each of 3 bns.

Each Bn is about 20 figs, and with skirmishers deployed each base is roughly 66 figures.

I have loads more of these to get done and i hope to finally get some games in with them this year.

Happy new year everyone.

Saturday 17 December 2022

The Analogue Hobbies painting challenge.

With 4 days to go until I embark upon my first Analogue Hobby painting challenge I thought id best update the old blog!

I thought id jump in this year, as a few members of my club regularly take part and seem to get a load of stuff done every year. So thanks to Dave Docherty, Martin Cooke and James Macmillan.

I have a ton of stuff that needs painting, a lead and plastic mountain that just seems to grow bigger every year, despite my best efforts to keep it under control!

So the plan.. in no particular order....

15mm WW2, halftracks and crews from Forged in battle. Also there are a couple of late war MG42 teams.

Just sat behind them are 3 Shermans from Plastic soldier company that still need priming.

Next I have some 3d printed market stalls that I picked up at the excellent battleground show last month, to go with them are 6 perry miniatures arab civilians.

4 games workshop savage Orcs and a couple of goblin spider riders, to be added to my SAGA age of magic Warband.

24 GW rohan warriors and a 3d printed character from medbury miniatures.

7 Riders of Rohan from GW.

16 wolf riders from Oathmark, I use these as Warg riders in my LOTR games.

A great big Balrog, ive had this one for quite a while, should be a real challenge to paint up!

A bunch of Primaris Marines, ive had these for a couple of years now, very expensive miniatures... about time I actually painted them methinks.

Finally, I plan to use the challenge to kick start my new project, The 100 years War in 28mm. These are all Perry miniatures and are a mix of plastic and metal models.

The whole lot. That should keep me pretty busy over the next few months, although im sure more will be added !!


Saturday 19 February 2022

Warhammer 30K Emperors Children

Warhammer 30K 


Emperors Children

Last year, my son and I decided to play some games of Killteam, but wanted to do something slightly different, so went with the idea of refighting some small skirmishes in the Horus Heresy.

Squad Sgt 

Melta Gun

Sniper, this model is a conversion using the sniper rifle from the scouts sprue.

Comms Specialist


Heavy weapon specialist with missile launcher

Squad champion Lykon

The full squad 

Another fun little project, i may very well expand this little force in the future, depending on what happens with the horus heresy game system.

I also aquired this model at a bring and buy for a couple of quid, i really enjoyed painting the grey armour of the space wolves and may (probably will) get a squad or too of these too.

Thanks for taking a look, whilst not really a GW player, i do enjoy painting their models, its a nice break when painting up a historical project. Anyway, until next time.
Bye for now.

Wednesday 16 February 2022

Late Roman Army for To the Strongest.

Now then,

Last year, during one of the lockdowns, i forget exactly when, i painted up my late Roman army, using the stunning Footsore miniatures.

Light Troops

I started off with some light infanty, javelin armed skirmishers, or Lanciarii, if you prefer.

 Next up were some light infantry archers, I spent some extra time stringing their bows, and making arrows out of brush bristles. I think if looks a bit more convincing.

Some light cavalry armed with Javelins.

More light cavalry, this time with bows. again i strung all the bows.


Late Roman Heavy cavalry, with a heroic looking chap accompanying them, for use in To the strongest.

Late Roman heavy cavalry

Veteran heavy cavalry, i used some of the Romano British models in this unit, to make them look a bit different.

Late Roman Cataphracts.

The Infantry

4 Units of Late Roman heavy infantry.

A late Roman Scorpio, the only non Footsore miniatures in the army, these are from Gripping beast.

Commanders and Heroes

Arthur, King of the Britons!

I have used the Belasarius model as a hero for my Cataphract unit.


Guenivere, i use her as a hero in one of the infantry units.

Vortigen, the general of my infanrty.

And finally a camp for use in To the strongest, I scratch built this out of coffee stirrers etc.

A really fun painting project, and an army im very proud of. Next post ill show you their opposition.... The Picts!

Thanks for looking,

My video update over on youtube.

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