Thursday, 27 February 2020

The To The Strongest World Championships Chalgrove

Now then,

Last weekend saw 4 of the old guard travel down to Chalgrove near Oxford for the TTS worlds. 36 players and 4 games each to decide the winner.

This is the first time ive attended a tournament,  despite being in the hobby for 35 years! (Im getting bloody old). I was a bit nervous, not knowing what to expect, but my fears were quickly laid to rest.  I met a great bunch of gamers, and played 4 fantastic games, competitive but good natured and alot of fun.

Game 1 was against a Numidian army containing no less than 5! Elephants. Needless to say my poor pictish spearmen were outmatched and soundly defeated. To be fair my opponent was a nice guy and i think he would agree that my luck with the cards was appalling­čĄú­čśé­čĄú

Game 2 saw me matched up with Stuart, my mate and fellow member of the old guard. Funnily enough this was my favorite game of the day, a nice historical battle against his late Romans. It was a close run thing but Stu grabbed the win in the end.

Game 3 saw my brave Picts take on a horde of gauls, 2 big armies crashed into each other, and once the dust settled my army had been defeated again. Quite convincingly too.

Game 4 saw me take on a beautiful Marian Roman army, and surprisingly i managed a convincing win.

So in conclusion,  a great days gaming, a few beers the night before and great fun was had. Ill be back next year with a new army!!

Oh, i came 20th, and achieved my first ever win with my Picts!


Tuesday, 20 August 2019

The Aeldari

Now then,

I collected an Eldar army way back in the early 90s when I was but a youth. Since restarting my 40k addiction last year I have tarted them up somewhat. There were lots of broken models, all chucked in a box, and left for years. Ive always liked the models so it seemed a shame.

The mainstay of the army are of course the guardian squads. Mine are made up of very old metal miniatures from the late 80's and early 90's.

Supported by war walkers and a wraith lord.

Leading them in battle are the farseer and warlock conclave.

Of course no Eldar or Aeldari as they are called these days, would be complete without Aspect Warriors. 

The most common type are of course the Dire Avengers, led by their Exarch.

Next up we have the Fire Dragons. Led by their Exarch with his fire pike.

Now we come to one of my favourite units, the Warp Spiders. 

Swooping Hawks, useful troops, but fragile.

Striking Scorpions. My largest Aspect squad, useful as bodyguards for my characters or to be left lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike.

The Howling Banshees are another really iconic and cool unit.

My old Dark reapers. Led by their Exarch with his web of skulls!

Meghan Ra, the Phoenix lord of the Dark Reapers. A beast at range and no slouch in combat either.

My Rangers provide a bit of fire support with their Ranger long rifles. 

And to finish off this little showcase of some of my oldest miniatures...

The Avatar of Khaine,  the bloody handed God. 

I hoped you enjoyed this litte stroll down memory lane, thanks for stopping by and taking a look,


Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Valentine MK II Infantry Tank.

Now then,

I have recently finished off my Valentine tank for the western desert.

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I have continued with the Caunter scheme as I really like how it looks.

For markings I have taken a bit of artistic license once again, but after spending a few hours online and looking through my books, it seems almost haphazard how tanks were marked up in the desert.

So I went with what looked cool.

This is a resin model from blitzkrieg miniatures,  but purchased from the Perry miniatures website.

A solid chunk of resin, and minimal clean up meant that this tank was completed in a single evening.

Highly recommended!

Cheers for now,

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Marmon Herrington Armoured Car MK III.

Now then,

Continuing with my ongoing western desert force, I've now painted up my Marmon Herrington armoured car.

I've always liked this vehicle, very old  fashioned looking, but looks quite sturdy at the same time.

Apparently it was very well liked by the crews, as it was reliable and easy to maintain.

This is an excellent model from Perry miniatures.

Again I have painted it up in the earlier caunter scheme, and taken a bit of artistic license with the markings.

So there we go, another step closer to finishing my 8th army project for bolt action.

Thanks for stopping by,


Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Test game Bolt action in the western desert 1942.

Now then,

We recently played our first game of Bolt Action V2 at the Old Guard wargames club. We played a test game at around 600 points per side.

Set in North Africa in 1942, the British forces of the 8th army took on Rommels Afrika korps. I wont go into too much detail here as I have forgotten what happened when etc, but.....

The not great....

The only problem we really encountered was the difficulty in taking on vehicles. It seemed that you really had to be very lucky to damage one, and we beside trying to take one out in close combat. I managed to destroy the SDKFZ251c in the end but it was a lucky shot and only after trying for turn after turn. My Bren carrier was a terror on the battlefield zipping about and machine gunning anyone foolish enough to be caught in its line of sight..... very frustrating for my opponent....

The good stuff.

Overall we really enjoyed the game, the dice activation meant that both players are constantly active and engaged in the game. The rules are simple enough to pick up fairly quickly but have enough depth to make for an interesting game, while not massively historical, still great fun.

Bolt action is certainly a game we will be playing more of in the future, hopefully the club will get on board and it will become a club joint effort, who knows we may put on a display game at some of the northern games shows.....

Thanks for taking a look,

The Luna Crusaders take on the slippery Alpha Legion.

Now then,

My primaris chapter,  the Luna Crusaders are in desperate battle once again. This time they take on the Treacherous Alpha Legion.

Check out redtoofs blog for a battle report! Luna Crusaders vs Alpha Legion

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