Saturday, 21 September 2013


Now then,

Here are some more pictures of my epic collection, this time its the Eldar. Elves in space with pointy heads....

Eldar Bikers, with viper jetbikes as support.

All older figs.

I have 4 such units, so the Eldar are a fast moving army, good at hit and run attacks, but fragile if they get pinned down.

One of the Guardian warhosts, mounted in Wave serpents.

 The original falcon grav tank, AKA the cheese wedge! I think they are ok still. but I use them as wave serpents, (APCs)

Eldar rangers, with camo cloaks. but bright blue helmets....;)

Tempest (cheers Tim) heavy Grav tanks, very old original versions.

 The Avatar and all the aspect warriors, the best troops in the army.

The full army as it stands. All these figures are in storage in the UK, which is a shame as i'm itching for a game... And the boys have shown a bit of interest..

Eldar Phantom Titan, another ebay win, i had to bid on weapons separately and it took awhile to get some, although i think one of the guns should be on a warlock titan, but so what eh?

After a long period immersed in thinners and a lot of scrubbing later I think this old model painted up quite nicely.



  1. These look great! I have a bunch of Epic Eldar to paint myself (or repaint - in the case of a few I've had for a long, long time...).

    I think they heavy grav tanks were called "Tempests"

    1. Cheers Tim, you are quite right, they are Tempests.


  2. Another great looking army.

  3. This looks like a lot of fun! Hope I can see an AAR on this one day.

  4. Fantastic. This is my new favourite blog. :)


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