Sunday, 12 January 2014

Old Imperial Characters 40K

Now then,

Continuing with my irregular series looking back on some of my older miniatures, this time I have my old Rogue Trader Inquisitor and his entourage....

This old model was painted in about 1995, although I remember having it in my unpainted pile for years before that......

A more recent figure, he was the psyker for my Imperial guard army back in the day.

A random character, a crazed priest with a shotgun!

And finally the Confessor, another religious zealot...

So there you have it, more random figures from the dim and distant past. I really enjoyed painting these guys, and its unfortunate that they are in a box..somewhere..... and have been for donkeys years..... ill have a dig about on various harddrives and find some pics of my Eldar and Guard armies.

In other news, epic month continues with lots of marines being finished off, and ill be getting some whirlwinds and Predators finished next.... Fear not history fans, I have some big plans for my ancient armies this year, as well as my Bolt action project, which has moved to the top of the queue and will be the February project.

Until later, thanks for looking,



  1. Those are epic and sadly I sold that Inquisitor back in the day on Ebay during my unemployment.
    Great work dude!

  2. A shame, I sold all my old RT stuff back in the day too, and have regretted it ever since.....


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