Sunday, 4 May 2014

A new Project!

I know, I know...

I promised myself I would crack on and finish the stuff I have got already, and to be fair I have completed my Persians, Waffen SS, German Grenadiers and Soviets this year already. I have painted up quite alot of the 6mm Napoleonics, and loads of epic 40k stuff too.

So the new project, something completely different for me, and suggested by both of my sons. Fantasy. Yep you read it right, Fantasy. Now, 28mm is far to mainstream for me, and if im going to do mass battles, then its got to be smaller.

10mm Copplestone castings. Have a look, awesome figures. copplestone castings

The rules to be used will be Kings of War by Mantic Games initially.

I have the free A5 copy of the rulebook, and its a very simple game, perfect for gaming with the lads. Thats not to say its an easy game to master, just that its not rules heavy.

But I have also just ordered Mayhem by bombshell games.
I cant really comment on this one yet, but all the review ive read so far have been very positive.

We shall see.

The other option is of course Basic Impetus Fantasy, which will be getting tried out too.

Im looking forward to painting something different, and hopefully getting my sons interested in something other than computer games.... I dont hold that much hope but hey, its worth a try.

Cheers for now


  1. Good luck on the new project


  2. It looks like there is some kind of LOTR in 10mm fever! :-)

    Don´t forget Warmaster. I´ll use it (or maybe Hail Caesar) as my ruleset for my LOTR project.

    1. Ive been following your stuff on your blog, its one of the reasons ive gone for 10mm. Warmaster gets a bit fiddly, and although Hail Caesar is a good game, im after something really simple.


  3. 10mm? Blimey! have you been sat in the sun? Fantasy? Bloody hell!, you have been. Go inside and get some shade. Getting teenagers of computers!? you must have heat stroke, time you came back to Blighty to cool off ;-) Good Luck with the new project, Copplestone Castings, good choice, give Magister Militum and Kallistra a toot to. Ive got Beast Men and Lizard men from Pendraken their no too bad either.


    1. Your probably right Jason, its all an excuse so I can paint something completely different! Check out all the new stuff MM have been releasing lately too. Looks pretty good. Best thing is all those 10mm figs you sent me will finally get put to use too.


  4. Well I have sold them all, including the rulebooks....Not for me im afraid.....


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