Monday, 18 August 2014

For Sale

Now then,

Im having a clearout, to that end ive added a For Sale page to the blog, in an effort to find some of this stuff a new home. I dont really want to go the ebay route, but will do if I cant shift this lot.

Lots of stuff there, mostly brand new rulebooks and miniatures still in blisters or bags, but my 10mm Fantasy stuff I painted recently is there too.

Have a look here - FOR SALE!

Remember, the prices shown are just a rough guide, make me an offer!



  1. whatever happened to your mantra of not selling anything?

  2. Moving back home next year, and after looking at the mass of stuff ive accumulated out here im a bit worried about having enough freight space to get it all back!

    Ive started taking stuff home when I come home on leave, Brens attic will need reinforcing!

  3. You cant beat a clear out :-) Back in Blighty, you never know you may get near a gaming club.



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