Friday, 5 February 2016

German Vehicles

Now then,

I sat and finished these vehicles off last night, mostly just basing but the trucks in particular needed a bit of work on the camo.

First we have a Panzer IIf.

I tried a dark wash on this one, it has turned out a bit dark, but works ok I think, It just looks a bit dirty....

Next I have a Sdkfz 250/3 command vehicle with a bedstead antenna.

(This is the battlefront "grief" model)

Here I have my Schwimwagons, These are forged in battle models and are very nice.

Again Ive been experimenting with different washes, some are darker than others......

I really enjoyed painting these, with the little drivers and passengers.

Last up I have some trucks, pretty bog standard and boring to paint (id rather be painting tanks...)

These will be used to transport my Panzer grenadiers in the lorried Battalion.

I shall have a proper update tomorrow,

Cheers for looking,


  1. Hey yorkie, any chance you finished your epic 3.5 rule set? It's exactly what I'd like to play with a coworker

    No, sorry that project was abandoned a while back....


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