Sunday, 3 April 2016

First game in new house!

Now then,

I have moved! (again).... This time its different though, I have moved into my own house, and have my own geek room, and use of the dining room downstairs for the occasional game. (once my planned shed is built I can have bigger games and leave stuff set up etc).

Anyway, my brother popped down for a game of Rapid Fire this afternoon, a good quick game was had, with the soviet defenders (me) beating off the mighty SS with relative ease.

No battle report as such, but heres a few pics.

German forces mass on the right flank,which causes a traffic jam and a juicy target for artillery!

The Pz III Bn sweeps over the low hills towards the outskirts of the distant town and the main objective.

T34's arrive later in the game and its game over for the already struggling SS battlegroup.

Despite the Germans terrible luck with the dice, it was a fun game, and really nice to get my terrain out and set up. Hopefully we will have a rematch later in the week, where we will be swapping sides and playing the same scenario.

Anyway, cheers for reading, updates soon!



  1. Some good pics Steve. Glad to see ya gettn some games in. Wooohoooo!!!

    Take care,


    1. Good times ahead I think!, Cheers Kurtus.

  2. Congrats on the new house, Steve, and especially on getting your own man cave and shed.

    1. Its been a long time coming!

    2. And well deserved, no doubt. Enjoy it.


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