Saturday, 16 April 2016

Prince Maurice's Regiment of Horse, April Challenge update!

Now then,

Here the first unit done from my MMM April challenge, Its Prince Maurice's Regiment of Horse, a Royalist Cavalry regiment from the English Civil War.

These have all been painted in the last few days, whilst on the regular paint and chat sessions on google hangouts.

Whilst I was doing the cavalry I painted up a light gun as well.

 Here is the light gun, generic clothing for the crew, it could easily serve for Parliament as well.

All my ECW stuff so far can be seen here -


All these troops will form part of my ECW Royalist army for Impetus Baroque.

Next up will be Lord Byrons regiment of foot, a white coated regiment. (Actually I couldnt find any references to the coat colours of this unit so just decided they would be white..!)

Anyway, cheers for looking,


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