Saturday, 20 August 2016

Waffen SS Eastern front 1943 (A return to Flames of War)

Now then,

Last year I got hold of the new (not new behind the times it seems) Flames of war V3 rules. I started reading them yesterday.

Much seems to be the same, although it would seem that bits and pieces have been clarified and streamlined somewhat. I wont give any kind of review as im not familiar enough with the rules yet. Suffice to say im liking what im reading so far.

I have decided, after speaking to my brother that it would be the way forward to sort out my (fairly extensive and generally unorganised) 15mm WW2 collection.


 The Company Headquarters.

For the armoured Pz Grenadier units all the fighting troops are mounted in Sdkfz 251/c halftracks

I have the Company commander and the company 2nd in command along with the optional anti tank rifle team.

The list allows you to swap out the anti tank rifle team for a sPzB41 anti tank rifle, which is mounted on a small gun carriage.

I like to have all the options if I can, but im short a halftrack to mount them in at the moment so they are either hitching a ride with boss or they are jumping in a spare truck! Ill get them their own (proper) transport soon enough.

Combat Platoons

Platoon Commander

Here is the first Pz Grenadier platoon. It has 3 squads and a platoon commander, all mounted in halftracks.

The Platoon commanders vehicle is a Sdkfz 251/10, which mounts a 3.7mm AT gun in place of the normal MG34.

Squad 1 ( I must swap that bent antenna!)

Squad 2
Squad 3

Platoon Commander

 Here is Pz Grenadier platoon 2. Identical to 1 platoon.

I have tried to break up the monotony of the halftracks by adding air recognition flags (made out of green stuff) and ive added stowage here and there as well.
 Squad 1
 Squad 2
 Squad 3

Platoon Commander

 Gepanzarte Heavy platoon

This is the single largest platoon in the company, it contains all the organic support elements.

 Mortar section 2 x Sdkfz 251/2c 8cm mortar carriers and an observer team in a kubelwagon

 Gun Section 2 x Sdkfz 251/9c 7.5cm halftracks

 2 x Machine gun sections. Armed with tripod mounted MG34's

Support Options

Weapons Platoons

 PAK 38 AT platoon

Here is a bit of support for the troops, 2 x 50mm Pak 38's with their prime movers and a command team.

 Light Anti Aircraft platoon

These are Sdkfz 10/5 2cm AA guns.

Customised a bit with bits of stowage and air recognition flags etc.

Divisional Support

 Assault Gun Platoon

2 x Stug IIIG, armed with 7.5cm stuK40 gun.

Tank Hunter Platoon

3 x Marder IIIM

Armed with a 7.5cm Pak 40 AT gun.
I have again tried to customise each model with stowage and ammo etc.

Thats them all for now, although I do have more painted, ill save them for a future post. I painted this army in 2006, and im surprised it hasnt been damaged with all the house moves ive had!

On the painting table now I have a lorried Panzergrenadier platoon, I think the company could do with some more infantry to move up after the halftracks and hold onto any ground they capture.

Here a link to my Eastern front page - LINK

Anyway, thanks for looking,


  1. A wonderful collection of units/vehicles, superb paintjob and bases...

    1. Cheers Phil, mostly painted 10 years ago, how time fly's!


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