Saturday, 1 February 2014

February is BOLT ACTION month!

Now then,

Ok so back to some historical's for me this month, ill be cracking on with my 15mm German force for Bolt Action, pretty much picking up where I left off last August, to be honest im so close to being finished, im not sure why i just didn't get them done ......

Anyway here's a pic of what needs painting up.

10 bods, an MG42 team, a Kubelwagon, a Puma armoured car with optional turret, and of course a Panther tank. Hopefully ill get the infantry done pretty quick, as I want to take a bit of time with the vehicles.

Slightly off topic I know, but the quality of my normal brand of paintbrushes seems to have dropped (GW), so much so that im struggling to paint with some of them. I got a set of pro art miniature brushes last year as a possible replacement, but they are totally shite. Synthetic garbage that splits in the centre, and curls up at the end.

So I have taken the advice of fellow bloggers, and got myself some of these :

Windsor and Newton, Series 7.

Bloody expensive but hopefully a sound investment, you will notice I got some brush cleaner/restorer too. We will see if they are any good in the next few days.


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