Sunday, 16 February 2014

Battlefield Academy.

Now then,

Something a bit different today. I was on tinterweb the other day and saw a write up of this great game over on the Bleaseworld blog. Its a cool strategy game designed for the ipad, but works equally well on the PC. Really simple game that's mega addictive!

The intro screen before the missions remind me of the old commando comics from when I was a nipper! Cool.

Briefing map, again cool.

The battle itself, its almost like playing a tabletop wargame, but on the PC. 

So if like me your strapped for opponents, id give this game a try, great fun, and pretty cheap too.



  1. Got this on PC also, too right mate mega addictive, almost as much as World of Tanks on XBox

  2. Hmm? May just give this a toot. thanks for the heads up.



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