Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Bolt Action Update - Kubelwagon

Now then,

I have been away recently, but over the last few days i've got round to painting up my Kubelwagon for my Platoon commander (more likely the platoon sergeant!) to ride about in!

While I was away, my transfers turned up from minibits, so here's the finished Panther G and the Puma armoured car.

The transfers are the tank numbers, the German crosses I painted on myself.

Im not quite sure why they look a bit shiny in the pictures, they are not in the flesh....

Here's a family photo, the Panther really is a big beast!

The plan for March? I was going to say Soviets, but Ive done them! So im thinking I might do some scenery, and strong arm my boys into giving me a game....

Soviets tomorrow, I just need to get them all photographed. All my Bolt action stuff can be seen here - BOLT ACTION PAGE

Thanks for looking,


  1. Great looking vehicles!!

  2. Great work and the Panther is a beast of a tank! Make sure you give your boys the good stuff so they'll want to play a 2nd time. ;-)

    1. Your right, the lads will have to be the Germans, as they have all the cool toys!


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