Thursday, 20 March 2014

le.IG.18 75mm and Pak 40 AT gun

Now then,

With the Soviets getting some fire support, I thought it only fair that the Germans get some too. The  le.IG.18 75mm Infantry Support Gun is classed as a light howitzer in Bolt Action, so will provide the grenadiers with a bit of fire support.

Gun and crew by Peter Pig

I'm really liking the Peter pig figures, they have loads of character, the only slight negative is that the faces are a bit dodgy...

What is needed now is a bit of AT capability....

Pak 40 Anti tank gun.

Gun and crew, Peter Pig

This has got to be my favorite bit of kit yet for my Jerrys. A really nice model, it comes with all the camouflage already cast on, so really looks the part, waiting to ambush an unwary soviet tank!

Bolt Action Page!

Anyway, still no bases for the Austrians, so ill have a dig about and see what else there is to paint for tomorrow.



  1. Great painting and basing! Your camo work is tops.

    Really an interesting contrast between these two field guns. The Pak 40 will be a very unpleasant surprise for whoever finds it.

  2. Love this paint job, and the basement is excellent too!

  3. Great job on the artillery support. As Monty mentions, your camouflage patterns are very nice. Molding the camouflage as part of the model is an interesting choice but I certainly like the results. Your PaK40 blends into the terrain very well.

    I agree with your assessment on PP faces but doesn't stop me from buying them!


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