Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Bolt Action SOVIETS

Now then,

I have rebased some of my old flames of war soviet army, the plan being to use them with Bolt Action to take on the German forces on the Eastern front.

WARNING - I painted these up about 12 years ago, and you can tell I mass produced hundreds of them! So I apologise for the sloppy paint jobs...... I did consider (for about a nanosecond) repainting them completely...Life is too short.

Anyway, here they are:

The Soviet commander, accompanied by a kommissar, radio op and standard bearer (armed with an SMG).

The miniatures are a mix of battlefront, peter pig and skytrex.

In bolt Action the Soviets get a free 12 man rifle squad of conscripts, the quality of quantity....

2 Rifle/LMG squads 12 men in each.

A 10 man SMG squad.

Optional stuff...

Sniper pair

Forward artillery officer flare gun at the ready!

Anti tank rifle team

Light mortar team.

Maxim MMG team

45mm Anti tank gun

The whole reinforced platoon so far, I have loads of mid war vehicles to use with them, but im planning on adding a T34/85, or maybe an IS2..?

So there we go, Bolt Action forces done (for now anyway). Next Im planning to get some scenery sorted out, and actually have a game!

Cheers for looking,

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