Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Soviet Zis 3 Divisional Gun

Now then,

As I have neglected to order a new batch of bases for my Austrians, I have instead painted up this nice Peter Pig Gun for my Bolt Action Soviets. I thought I might need one as I dont think the 45mm is going to cut the mustard!

Gun by Peter Pig, Crew Peter Pig and Battlefront.

All My Eastern Front BA stuff can be seen hereBolt Action Eastern Front page

For some strange reason I have overlooked Peter Pig models, I really don't know why, they are really nice. For those wishing to do BA in 15mm, I would highly recommend them, as not only are the figures top notch but they do custom orders, so you could order just what you need, instead of having loads of surplus stuff.

I'm already planning my next WW2 project, Western desert anyone?

Cheers for looking.


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