Saturday, 15 February 2014

Panther G (late war)

Now then,

This week has been really busy for me at work, not to mention my normal laptop has had a bit of a meltdown and is away being sorted out. I'm using my new laptop, which unfortunately doesn't have the same software on it, so the pictures probably wont look great......

Anyway, the Panther tank is probably the coolest looking tank of WW2, not to mention being arguably the best tank of the war.  I've got myself a battlefront 15mm model.

Heres a few different colour schemes:

As with all German vehicles there seems to be alot of variation in colour schemes, I have based mine on the one to the left, but with slightly different shades of green and brown.

I think ill get away with it!

The problem with tanks in museums is that they probably get repainted every now and then, and were probably damaged and repainted when they first arrived, so im thinking there's a good chance the colours on them might not be 100% accurate anyway....

Heres mine ( minus transfers.... in the post somewhere!)

I was tempted to start putting dots all over it, but resisted, and im pretty happy with how it turned out. Ill have an update as soon as my transfers turn up, ill be putting them on the PUMA as well.

Next on the painting table will be the Soviet hordes.

Cheers for looking,


  1. Excellent! You nailed it, and without an airgun. I'm really enjoying your WW II painting.

    1. Thanks Monty. One day I might just get an airgun, but it does sound like a lot of messing about.....


  2. Wow, that is one great looking cat! While there are those who can produce great work with an airbrush, your model validates for me that an airbrush can be also be outdone. I often feel that the soft edges of airbrushed camouflage is too soft for scale models. When I walk through my [MLRS artillery] motorpool during the duty day, the micro-soft edges of life sized paintwork is always lost. This is true even at short distances.


    1. I agree about the soft edges on small scale models, although it looks really good, its probably a bit much.



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