Saturday, 19 February 2022

Warhammer 30K Emperors Children

Warhammer 30K 


Emperors Children

Last year, my son and I decided to play some games of Killteam, but wanted to do something slightly different, so went with the idea of refighting some small skirmishes in the Horus Heresy.

Squad Sgt 

Melta Gun

Sniper, this model is a conversion using the sniper rifle from the scouts sprue.

Comms Specialist


Heavy weapon specialist with missile launcher

Squad champion Lykon

The full squad 

Another fun little project, i may very well expand this little force in the future, depending on what happens with the horus heresy game system.

I also aquired this model at a bring and buy for a couple of quid, i really enjoyed painting the grey armour of the space wolves and may (probably will) get a squad or too of these too.

Thanks for taking a look, whilst not really a GW player, i do enjoy painting their models, its a nice break when painting up a historical project. Anyway, until next time.
Bye for now.

Wednesday, 16 February 2022

Late Roman Army for To the Strongest.

Now then,

Last year, during one of the lockdowns, i forget exactly when, i painted up my late Roman army, using the stunning Footsore miniatures.

Light Troops

I started off with some light infanty, javelin armed skirmishers, or Lanciarii, if you prefer.

 Next up were some light infantry archers, I spent some extra time stringing their bows, and making arrows out of brush bristles. I think if looks a bit more convincing.

Some light cavalry armed with Javelins.

More light cavalry, this time with bows. again i strung all the bows.


Late Roman Heavy cavalry, with a heroic looking chap accompanying them, for use in To the strongest.

Late Roman heavy cavalry

Veteran heavy cavalry, i used some of the Romano British models in this unit, to make them look a bit different.

Late Roman Cataphracts.

The Infantry

4 Units of Late Roman heavy infantry.

A late Roman Scorpio, the only non Footsore miniatures in the army, these are from Gripping beast.

Commanders and Heroes

Arthur, King of the Britons!

I have used the Belasarius model as a hero for my Cataphract unit.


Guenivere, i use her as a hero in one of the infantry units.

Vortigen, the general of my infanrty.

And finally a camp for use in To the strongest, I scratch built this out of coffee stirrers etc.

A really fun painting project, and an army im very proud of. Next post ill show you their opposition.... The Picts!

Thanks for looking,

My video update over on youtube.

Monday, 14 February 2022

A long overdue update. The Ops Room


Im still alive.....

Its been a long time since i updated the blog, mainly because i havent had a computer.....but also because im a bit lazy.

Anyway, i thought id do a bit of an update on whats going on here at little legions towers.

So, last summer, I decided it was time to build a gaming shed. Lots of digging of foundations ensued, my enthusiasm waned somewhat when we realised we were digging through the old Quarry road......

But we cracked on. My two sons helping and my brother directing our efforts, we eventually dug out the foundations.

once the foundations were dug, we filled the hole with gravel and sand, and compacted it with a
 whacker plate. 

Lots of timber, and the shed starts to take shape.  Layers of kingspan insulation are laid under the floor, before the concrete was poured in.

Starting to look like something!

Internally, cables were plumbed in for the electrics, and the insulation started to go into the walls and ceiling. A thick layer of kingspan, covered over with the yellow itchy stuff, which apparently helps to reduce the noise from rain etc.

Window and doors, and the roof is finished. (less guttering)

More cables and insulation....

once the cables and insulation were in place, the whole of the interior was covered in Thermowrap, the silver insulation rolls in the picture above.

Internal lighting and plasterboard, a very messy part of the whole build.

Meanwhile, ouside the soakaway was dug with channels for the drainage pipes from the gutter.

We had an idea to use bottles for some of the windows.... this involved cutting bottles in half, then taping them together forming glass "bricks".

Pretty cool.

Outside, with the drainage now in, and the gutters connected to the drainage pipes.

Internal stuff

The floor is laminate from B&Q and after an expensive trip to Ikea, I had some furniture.

These are Kallax storage cubes.

The desk is homemade from an old gaming table.

Now, with the Ops room complete, I dont know how I ever fit all my stuff into the tiny room I had in the house.

For a better look, heres a link to my youtube channel.

I hope you are all well, bye for now.

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