28mm Sci/Fi

I'm still looking for a "hard" science fiction game, where we are dealing with the near future and mankind's first steps into colonizing the galaxy. As such, there will be no weird silliness that you can find in certain other games.

I have tried Tomorrows war, didn't like it much,  any suggestions?

The figures I have gone for are 28mm, and made by Pig Iron miniatures.

European Union Drop Troops.

The EUDT are a small, well trained contingency force, made up of the best troops the European union has to offer. Equipped with cutting edge technology, they are primarily used as a rapid strike force. 

A platoon usually consists of 6 fire teams, although this is only an administrative organisation, and groupings will change on the ground dependent on the mission. My force is a typical unit, organised into 2 separate "multiples" of 3 fire teams, with attached support.

Platoon Command team, Callsign M10A

Callsign M-11C

Callsign M-11D

Callsign M10B

Callsign M12C

Callsign M12D

Sniper Team, Callsign X24

 Callsign X 34, fire support Mech

The Full Platoon.

To be continued!


  1. Outstanding! I am going to have to look into getting some of those DUST German walkers. You did an awesome job with the paint schemes on all the minis.

  2. Dude, those are properly good.
    Too big of course, but very good all the same.

  3. Agreed, too big.....

    I will find a use for them though!


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