The Wars of the Roses

Back in 2009, I started to collect two armies for the wars of the roses, I decided to go for 6mm Baccus figures, and ended up with quite a few.  At around the same time i got involved with "The rather large Towton Project".  So I painted up a fair amount of figures for that too.  Here's a link to the rather large Towton project blog - http://towton-2011.blogspot.com/

The armies were based up for Impetus, but work equally well in DBA, using 25mm ground-scale  I have enough troops to play either a big old game of Impetus or BBDBA.

The Yorkist army, a total of 36 bases, with 36 figures per base......Not including commanders and the camp...

Lord Stanley's Command... treacherous git....

The Earl of Warwick, the king-maker, and his brother, the Bastard of Fauconberg.

Salisbury, the Kingmakers father, and his other son, the Marquis of Montague. 

The Lancastrian Army, again 36 bases, and a camp.

The Earl of Oxford, with the notorious Lord Clifford, "the Butcher".

Exeter, with Lord Buckingham among others....

Northumberland, accompanied by the Marcher lord, Lord Abergavenny.

Both armies

The worlds smallest wargame.  A special set from Baccus, kindly donated by Ruarigh.

A couple of geeky gamers getting strange looks from the artillery crews.....

Here's the map of ye olde England that I made for the pretender campaign.

Its just a small cork notice board, with the map painted on. I printed off some place names, and glued them on.

To represent the armies, I used spare banners, glued to pins, that can be moved about the board....

The Pretender campaign can be found in Extra Impetus 3.

This is definitely a project that is FINISHED!

Or is it?



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