Monday, 17 June 2013

Carneville Freikorps 1809 update

Now then,

I've just finished these off this morning, good to be painting again!

The Carneville Freikorps, a mixed Infantry and cavalry unit. Distinctive in their green tunics and blue trousers! For more pics and a brief explanation as to who these guys are click HERE

While i had the camera out, i thought id take a few group shots of the Austrian army so far! There are lots more to do, including another 2 hussar units, a large Uhlan unit, 2 units of Grenz, a unit of Landwehr, 2 more Hungarian line battalions and 3 more artillery batteries... lets not mention the Cavalry reserve and the Grenadiers....oh and a load more command bases....

One day i hope to start on the French to oppose them..

Cheers for looking,

Friday, 14 June 2013

I'm home, and a new page added!

Now then,

Got home a few days ago,  I haven't had the chance to paint anything yet, but I have dug up some old photos of my Roman and British armies, and made a new page, HERE

I'm going to be cracking on with some more 6mm napoleonic Austrians next, then i'm going to finish my 15mm Spartan army.

Oh, i finally got my hands on my blog prize from Phil, the hasslefree figure and a couple of bodyguards, thanks!


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