Saturday, 3 January 2015

Austrian Landwehr

Now then,

The first painting of the new year!

Carneville Friekorps.

Carneville Hussars

The Carneville Freiorps were the smallest unit in the Austrian army, I have boosted them up, reasoning that I havent got enough militia units, so it doesnt really matter....

Hussars are a small cavalry unit, and the jagers are classed as a standard sized unit.

The Prague City Landwher. I dont think this unit was involved in the fighting on the Danube in 1809, however I had models spare and this unit fits! Its also something a bit different.

The Vienna Volunteers. I have done 2 Bns of these. I have used a bit of artistic licence on the flags. I have used SYW Austrian flags, just to make them look a bit different! I think they look pretty cool with green flags....

And thats it for now. I have 2 Cavalry batteries on my painting table, I wont lie, im struggling to motivate myself to paint the limber teams......

Austrian 6mm Page

Cheers for looking,

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