Massed combat in the grim future!

The original epic rules were released way back in 1989/1990 with Adeptus Titanicus and then Space Marine following shortly after. I remember being a 14 year old lad and being totally hooked on the idea of Giant titans striding about the battlefield, supported by the Emperors finest, crushing the heretics led by the traitor Horus.

Well its now 25 years later and im still collecting, painting and converting epic figures.


The are quite a few different versions of the epic rules about these days,  Netepic is freely downloadable, with all the army lists etc all available for free too. Netepic is based on the original Space marine 2 game released in the early 90's.

Download from here - Netepic Homepage

I also have Epic 40,000. This was the 3rd edition of the game released back in 97 - 98? it wasnt popular with the masses, the GW fanboys said it was unrealistic...?!

Personally I think its probably the best version of epic, very straightforward, easy to play and handles huge armies very easily.. But what do I know...?

By far the most popular of the Epic games is Epic Armageddon, the latest version of the rules, there is a large online community tinkering with and expanding these rules, making new fan made supplements and army lists... It can be confusing as to which version they are championing... NetEA...EpicUK...EpicFR... etc...??

It is however a good game, The NetEA rules are simply the old rulebook that has had typos etc sorted out and a few bits expanded an clarified. It also includes all the community approved army lists.

NetEA site  Click here for the full rules, army lists and other stuff.

Tactical Command

Tactical command or taccomms is the go to forum for all things epic. All the different versions of the game have their follower's and fans and all are catered for. Its a great resource for army lists and the like, as new army lists and scenarios etc are always being debated and worked on by the epic community. 

TC also has many galleries of painted epic miniatures and hosts a painting competition every year, called Epicomp.  Tactical Command

My Epic Armies

The Novamarines

(NOTE - Many of these models are either conversions or long oop proxy models that I acquired a good few years ago, and are no longer available).

Chapter Master

Inquisitor (models - Steel crown productions)

 Terminator Detachment

Dreadnought Detachment

Predator detachment

Whirlwind Artillery

Vindicator close support tanks

Stalker AA (conversion's)

Sabre Anti Tank vehicles (conversion's)


Razorback transports (Conversion's)

Landraider Helios squadron  (conversion's)

Land speeder Typhoon squadron  (conversion's)

Command Rhino (conversion)

3rd Company Captain



Tactical Detachment

Devastator Detachments

Assault Detachments

Thunderfire Cannons

Landspeeder Detachment

Bike Company

Converted bike command stand.

Ive used the 6th company colours for these, as a tactical (reserve) company the 6th specialise in the use of bikes, as outriders and for scouting missions.

Mecanicum Robots. These are very old vintage metal models that have been oop for many a year...unfortunately.


Harpy multirole fighter bombers (steel crown productions)

Legio Crusius The Warmongers

The Tau

The Shas'O Commander

Crisis Battlesuits

Devilfish APC's

Mechanised Fire warrior Detachment


Gun Drones

Recon Skimmer Group

Broadside Battlesuit Cadre

Riptide Battle Suits (Onslaught Miniatures Kaiju Mega Rigs)

Armour support group

Barracuda Fighter bombers

Skysweep support Group

Full army So far......

To be continued...


Crimson Templars


Devastator Detachment

Battle Company


Vehicles, old and new

New style Predators

Crimson Templar battlegroup, 3 Battle companies with support.

Old school beetle back Warlord Titan

Iyanden Warhost

Avatar and Aspect warriors

 Mechanized Guardian war-host

Jetbike Detachment

Tempest Heavy Gravtanks


Wave Serpent


Full Army

Phantom Titan


  1. Superb Armies. I played Epic back in 88 to 92, hordes of Orks, Marines, Chaos & Imperial Guard. They are all packed away in the attic. I'll have to dig them out.
    All the Best


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