Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Later Achaemenid Persian Army Done!

Now then,

4 years in the making (among other things), the Persian army for Impetus is finally complete. The army comes in at 500 points so is big enough for a few options when playing the normal 300 or 400 point games.

First of all I have the last units to be done, the Persian levy archers.

And here is the complete army!

Happy days. Its always good when you finish a project, and now ill be turning my attention to my 1809 Austrian army in 6mm, as that army is also nearing completion.

For more about the various units etc in this army, have a look at the Persian army page at the top, or just click here - Later Achaemenid Persian Page

Cheers for looking,


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Persian Colonist Cavalry

Now then,

These 12 cavalrymen have been sat on my painting desk along with a load of Persian archers for about a year! Well I finally painted them. That pretty much completes the Persian army for Impetus. The archers are painted and im just getting them based up too.  Ill have them done for tomorrow hopefully, so stand by for some army shots!

Here they are!

Miniatures - Xyston 15mm

The full Persian army can be seen here - Persian Army page or click on the tap at the top of the page.


When I put in my latest order to warbases, I also got myself some markers made up for Impetus. I got 20 each of the disordered and opportunity markers. Got to say I'm very happy with them too, great quality and for the cost of a few shillings you cant go wrong.

I also had these movement trays specially made for my 6mm Napoleonics, as moving 20 odd Battalions of 6mm infantry with 6 bases per Bn will be time consuming and a wee bit irritating to say the least. Hopefully these will speed up proceedings!

Persian Levy archers and the full Persian army in all its glory tomorrow!

Cheers for looking,

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