Sunday, 31 March 2013

System Troopers Command Team

Now then,

So my first "Multiple" is complete with the addition of my command team. The Platoon commander, his radio operator and 2 riflemen.

I decided to give one of the riflemen a head swap, just for a bit of variety, so he now has a heavily chopped up GW space marine head, plundered from my sons bits box.

I think the head is supposed to be half metal, hence the strange grooves on his head, but as he's a veteran, they will serve as scars..(maybe he should keep his helmet on)..

The Radio operator and the commander both have tablet type screens, I tried quite a few different methods when painting these, I tried painting maps etc, but it looked crap, so i went with what you see here.
The Rad Op had the small antenna removed and a spare Xyston spear put in its place, drilled in.

I'm now half way through the platoon, and I'm enjoying painting something different to what id normally do, but the Persians are undercoated too, and are making me feel guilty about not finishing them off....

The full force so far can be seen here - LINK

Cheers for looking,

Friday, 29 March 2013

System Troopers #2

Now then,

I've finished off my next fire-team for Tomorrows war, using the Pig Iron miniatures System troopers.

LCpl Woods, armed with the standard issue L270 assault rifle.

 Pte Horton, again, with the L270.

Pte Evans, with his L270.

Pte Spence, armed with an advanced AV 300, a rapid firing laser weapon.

The full fire-team, call-sign M11D

Unfortunately I ran out of natural light so the pics aren't great, ill get the next batch out in the garden and get some better pics.

That's it for now, I should have the Platoon commanders group finished by tomorrow.

The full force can be seen here - LINK

Thanks for looking,

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Enjoying the Weather?

Hi all,

You will have to forgive the non wargaming post, but due to a total lack of wargamers here in Cyprus, I thought id point out the advantage of living over here....The weather!

Whilst the UK sits under a blanket of snow, i've been sorting out my garden....

Enjoy the weather back home!


( I just couldn't resist).......

New Pages Added

Morning all,

I have added 3 new pages to the blog, so that those interested can keep tabs on the various projects, and everything is in one place, instead of searching round the blog....

Tomorrows War page - LINK

Impetus Greek army - LINK

Impetus Persian Army - LINK

The plan is that once I have updates for these armies, ill update the blog as normal, but ill update the specific army page as well, with a link.

Thanks for looking,

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tomorrows War System Troopers!

Now then,

I've made a start on my Tomorrows war troops. These are 28mm system troopers from Pig Iron Miniatures, and I think that they are ace! They are a real treat to paint, and i've tried to do the sculpts justice....

I bought a pack of alternate heads as I wasn't too keen on the standard ones, these almost look like spartans from the computer game HALO...

Anyway, here's the first fire team, call-sign M-11C....

Fire team leader, Cpl Dickinson, armed with an L270 assault rifle.

Pte Harris, armed with the fireteam support weapon, an AMX 70 capable of laying down a withering amount of firepower.

Pte Murray, armed with a L270 assault rifle.

Pte Smith, again with a L270 assault rifle.

 The full Fireteam, all ready to destroy some stuff!

A view from the rear, showing the detail on these models, which I think is outstanding.

As you have probably gathered, I'm really impressed with these Pig Iron minis, they are among the very best models I have painted, stay tuned for more of the platoon over the next few days.

Heres a link to my TW page - LINK

Thanks for looking,

Kappadokian Noble Cavalry

Now then,

Last night I finished the repair job on these, after having a varnishing disaster... I'm pretty sure it was my own fault for rushing and putting the matt varnish on before the dip was properly dried.

Oh well, these aren't great, but they are passable and i've tried to hide the worst affected models in the middle of the unit.

You cant see it that clearly in the picture but the two grey horses in the centre are both really rough looking where the varnish bubbled...... And on some of the cloaks too.

Thanks for looking

Link to the full army- LINK


Sunday, 24 March 2013

Persian National Cavalry

Now then,

I finished off the Persian cavalry last night. I have based the colour schemes off the ones in the Persian man at arms Osprey book,  Persian national cavalry at Issus, illustrated by Simon Chew.

I have one more unit to do, but will need to get another order in to North star.... Anyway, pics!

Yellow saddle, red shoes....
Both units are very similar, the only difference being the saddle colour and the shoes.  So I have painted a slightly different pattern on the brown trousers too, just to make them a little bit more interesting...

Blue saddle, yellow shoes...

Both units together.

On the painting table at the moment are the Kappadokian noble cavalry, with attached general, and another unit of Bactrian light horse. I'm approaching "burn out" with the 15mm stuff now, so I'm going to finish what i've got started then paint something different...I really don't want to start rushing and ruining the figures 'just to get them finished'.

Link to the full army- LINK

So, Kappadokians and Bactrians, then maybe some 28mm Tomorrows War!

Cheers for reading,

EDIT - I've just had a major varnishing disaster with my Kappadokian Noble cavalry....All the paint has bubbled.... BUGGER!!!! Not sure what has happened, as it has never done this before, I may have to strip them and start again. Sigh.....

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Impetus Persian update

Now then,

I've just finished my latest units for my Impetus Persians. I have the Guard heavy cavalry with Darius himself attached. I've also finished off my scythed chariot.

The army is really starting to take shape now, and I have another 3 units of cavalry nearly finished, and there's more in the post on route to me, along with more Hoplites for my Spartan army seen here - projects are never really finished are they?

Guard Heavy cavalry unit, I have cheated a bit by adding Darius in his chariot, but as the CinC I suppose it works OK. So we have the king of kings with his immediate bodyguard, charging into battle!

The scythed chariot. really great model from Xyston, one of my favourites, unfortunately they aren't actually that great in battle.....

Next up are the Persian national cavalry, and maybe some more Bactrian light horse.

Link to the full army - LINK


Sunday, 10 March 2013

New page WW2!

Hi all,

I have uploaded what limited pictures I have of my WW2 collection, they can be found here -

Thanks for looking,

New page added! The Wars of the Roses

The wars of the Roses, in 6mm.

A big project for me, started back in 2009, and involving literally thousands of figures, all based up for Impetus.

View the page here -


Ayyubid page added!

Good morning,

Ive added another page, this time its the Ayyubid Egyptian army, the enemies of Richard the Lionheart.

The army can be seen here -


Saturday, 9 March 2013

Persian Army Update

Now then,

I've finished off the bases on my latest troops for the Persian army.  Kappadokians mostly, but the Egyptian spearmen are also making an appearance.  I've got a few more units to base up then ill be doing quite a bit of painting to get this army finished.  Mostly cavalry as you might expect from a Persian army....

Kappadokian Cavalry.  

 Kappadokian light Cavalry with Javelins.

Kappadokian Mountain tribesmen. I decided to base them up as light infantry, instead of skirmishers, and will just use them as either Peltasts, or Takabara.

Egyptian spearmen.  Light infantry, but armed with long thrusting spears, pretty good for operating on the flanks, and stopping cavalry in their tracks I think.

That pretty much concludes the infantry part of the army for now, although i have loads more archers to paint, and I'm thinking of getting some Kardakes (The Kardakes were the Persian answer to the Greek Hoplites  although no where near as good) spearmen too.  

link to the full army - LINK

That's it for now, thanks for looking,

New pages added!

Now then,

I have been tinkering with the blog, and have decided that the best way to display all my older and completed projects is to make a page for each of them. there are now page tabs at the top of the main page, which will provide a direct link.

Saga Page.

Napoleonic Austrian page.

Crusader page

As i get time i will add the Ayyubid forces and the Wars of the Roses pages too.  I'm debating whether to have separate pages for all my WW2 armies or just 1 page for them all, because i have quite a lot done for the excellent blitzkrieg commander rules....

Anyway, ill hopefully have another update on the Achaemenid Persians later today, all being well.


Saturday, 2 March 2013

Later Achaemenid Persian re-base!

Good morning all,

Last night i finished off the first few units of my newly re-based Persian army. These all started life as a DBA Persian army, and a Kappadokian army has been added to bolster their numbers.

Here's a look at the original Persian army, all based up for DBA

A look at the Kappadokian army, again for DBA.

So the plan is to re-base all these figures for use in a Later Achaemenid Persian army for Impetus.  With obviously minimal new purchases!  Although i will need quite a few new cavalry.

So without further ado....

 First of all I have done 2 units of Takabara. Javelin armed light infantry, very similar to Greek Peltasts.  In the Xyston DBA army box, you only get 12 of these figures, so instead of the usual 8 figures per FL unit, i've gone for 6.  I still think it looks OK.

Bow armed skirmishers, only 3 models, again I'm using what was in the Xyston army box set.

Skirmishers armed with slings.

The first of the Kappadokians, Bow armed skirmishers, which I will use as standard Persian archers.

Bactrian light cavalry.  A bow armed light cavalry unit, should be great for zipping about and generally being a nuisance to the slower moving Greek forces.

Although I don't like painting horses much, I put a bit more effort than normal into these, and I think they turned out OK.

The Guard infantry.  These is my favourite unit so far, led by a general, they will hopefully keep the infantry troops in line!

 I painted them as two separate units for DBA, so I when it came to re-basing them i've tried to show possibly different units of the guard , being urged forward by their General.

I'm not sure about the uniforms they are wearing, i sort of based them on pictures from the Osprey books, and other images i've seen about the web.

That's all for now, next time I will have the rest of the infantry, and I will endeavour to get some more cavalry finished off.

link to the full army - LINK

Cheers for reading

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