Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tomorrows War System Troopers!

Now then,

I've made a start on my Tomorrows war troops. These are 28mm system troopers from Pig Iron Miniatures, and I think that they are ace! They are a real treat to paint, and i've tried to do the sculpts justice....

I bought a pack of alternate heads as I wasn't too keen on the standard ones, these almost look like spartans from the computer game HALO...

Anyway, here's the first fire team, call-sign M-11C....

Fire team leader, Cpl Dickinson, armed with an L270 assault rifle.

Pte Harris, armed with the fireteam support weapon, an AMX 70 capable of laying down a withering amount of firepower.

Pte Murray, armed with a L270 assault rifle.

Pte Smith, again with a L270 assault rifle.

 The full Fireteam, all ready to destroy some stuff!

A view from the rear, showing the detail on these models, which I think is outstanding.

As you have probably gathered, I'm really impressed with these Pig Iron minis, they are among the very best models I have painted, stay tuned for more of the platoon over the next few days.

Heres a link to my TW page - LINK

Thanks for looking,


  1. I loved Pig Iron when I dabbled in 28mm sci-fi, very nice work Steve.

  2. Very nice paint job !

    best regards Michael

  3. I think you have done them proud


  4. Those are some very impressive miniatures. Your paint job has a very nice sci fi feel to it while remaining realistic.

  5. Thanks very much for the comments, thankfully, I only have 26 of these guys to paint, then I can get on with some enemies for them...whoever (or whatever) that will be!



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