Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Valhallan VII

Now then,

So, I thought i'd post some pictures of my imperial Guard army, built and painted in the 90's, and actually used quite alot until we kind of ditched 40k and started playing WW2 and other historical games. 


Captain Chenkov, with none other than Commisar Yarrick in attendance!

Well there we have it, this army took me about 2 years to paint, and I remember being sick to death of green paint... Cant imagine why....

Sadly this is another of my armies that has languished in a box in storage for at least a decade, probably longer. One day ill get them all out again, tidy them up and get them in a cabinet in my gaming room/shed....One day.

Another week with me steadily getting my epic stuff painted, so not much to show here, but all can be seen for those interested here ToEG 2014 Novamarines

Here's some that I got finished this week, some razorbacks to carry the scouts, these are converted plastic rhinos with turrets from steel crown productions on top.

Cheers for looking, Historical stuff next week!


Sunday, 19 January 2014

Deathwatch Kill Team

Now then,

As ive been painting loads of epic stuff, and posting it all here - ToEG 2014 - Novamarine battlegroup I thought id post some more piccies of some of my old 40k stuff.

This time its the Deathwatch kill-team. recruited into my Imperial guard army as allies or something.... So, the story is, these are all veteran marines that have been recruited by the Inquisition to root out and destroy the most vile aliens, thats why they are all from different chapters.

Have a good un!


Friday, 17 January 2014

Epicomp 2013 Results are in.

Now then,

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I entered the Tactical command painting competition. Well to my surprise I have come away with the prize for the best painted single miniature. I entered my Lamenters chapter landraider, and people seemed to like it, so I may have to paint up a small force of them in the future.

Heres some closer pics of my entry.

Heres the image I entered, and below are the original pics.

You can see my other entries into Epicomp and hopefully other competitions as well as miniatures I have had published in rulebooks  HERE

Thanks for looking,


Sunday, 12 January 2014

Old Imperial Characters 40K

Now then,

Continuing with my irregular series looking back on some of my older miniatures, this time I have my old Rogue Trader Inquisitor and his entourage....

This old model was painted in about 1995, although I remember having it in my unpainted pile for years before that......

A more recent figure, he was the psyker for my Imperial guard army back in the day.

A random character, a crazed priest with a shotgun!

And finally the Confessor, another religious zealot...

So there you have it, more random figures from the dim and distant past. I really enjoyed painting these guys, and its unfortunate that they are in a box..somewhere..... and have been for donkeys years..... ill have a dig about on various harddrives and find some pics of my Eldar and Guard armies.

In other news, epic month continues with lots of marines being finished off, and ill be getting some whirlwinds and Predators finished next.... Fear not history fans, I have some big plans for my ancient armies this year, as well as my Bolt action project, which has moved to the top of the queue and will be the February project.

Until later, thanks for looking,


Tuesday, 7 January 2014

January is Epic Month

Now then,

My first mission for 2014 is my Netepic Novamarine army. I'm planning on getting as much of it done as I can over the rest of this month. Heres what ive managed to get done over the last year or so, as you can see there are alot of empty bases, I have all the figures and aim to get this lot finished sooner rather than later.

The project can been followed here on the tactical command forum, Tale of epic gamers - Novamarines

I have also entered the tactical command painting competition, EPICOMP 2013 with a Lamenters chapter Landraider that I painted up last year as a test figure for a possible new army, I dont think ill be going with it though, as it took bloody ages to paint all the checks!!

In other news, i have already failed in my promise to myself that I wouldn't start any new projects....And its only the 07th Jan! Once they arrive ill fill you in on the details...suffice to say they are very small!

EDIT - I've won my heat in the painting comp and am now in the final!! Im up against some great looking stuff, and there are some really talented painters of 6mm epic out there! check out all the entries - HERE


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