Monday, 25 July 2016

ECW Game!

Now then,

Another good game of Impetus Baroque with the lads over in Redmire today. No battle report but heres a few pics.

Royalists struggle to keep order crossing the river.

Parliamentarians move forward, covered by a cannon.

Johns Scottish contingent. Sitting pretty in the fields, a tough nut to crack for my Royalist foot!

(awaiting flags)

The Royalist close in on the stubborn Jocks!

A firefight ensues along the Scots defenses, and eventually I manage to flank them with my Dragoons!

Stuarts Parliamentarian foot.

 A good game, The Royalists were fought to a standstill by the combined Parliamentarian and Scottish forces. We called it a draw. Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of the big cavalry scrap in the middle, sorry Pete!

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Friday, 22 July 2016

Wars of the Roses Livery colours.

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Here is a list of livery colours for the Wars of the Roses that has been knocking about on the internet for a few years now. Its not by me, but is very useful so I have copied it here.

Edward Neville, Lord Abergavenny [d.1476] – green and white

William Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel [d.1487] – red and white

John Touchet, Lord Audley [d.1490] – yellow and red

John, Viscount Beaumont [d.1460] – white

William, 7th Lord Berkeley [active until at least 1483] – red

John Bouchier, Lord Berners [d.1474] – yellow and green

Humphrey Stafford, Duke of Buckingham [d.1460] – black and red (also Henry Stafford d. of Buckingham, d.1483).

Sir Thomas Burgh/Borough of Gainsborough [d.1496] – blue

George, Duke of Clarence [d.1478] – murrey and blue

Thomas, Lord Clifford [d.1455] – white

Brooke, Lord Cobham [Edward d. 1464, John d. 1515] – black and red

Sir Marmaduke Constable [d. 1518] – red

Sir John Conyers [d.1490?] – white

Sir Richard Croft [d.1509] – white and blue

Randolf/Ranulph Lord Dacre of Gilsland [d.1461] – four stripes barry yellow and blue

Sir Richard Fiennes, Lord Dacre of the South [d.1483] – white

Thomas Courtney, Earl of Devon [1st, d.1458, 2nd d.1461] – red

Digby family – blue

Thomas Grey, Marquis of Dorset [d.1501] – white and dark red [murrey] (also known as 3rd Lord Grey, 8th Lord Ferrers, Earl of Huntingdon in 1471, Marquis of Dorset in 1475)

Edward, Earl of March/Edward IV [d.1483] – murrey and blue

Edward, Prince of Wales [d.1471] – red and black

Henry Bouchier, Earl of Essex [1st d.1483, 2nd d.1529] – black and green

Henry Holland, Duke of Exeter [d.1475] – white and red

William Neville, Lord Fauconberg, Earl of Kent [d.1463] – white and blue

Walter Devereaux, 7th Baron Ferrers [d.1485] – white and red

Sir Edward Grey, 2nd Lord Grey, 7th Lord Ferrers of Groby [d.1461] – green

Sir John Radcliffe, Lord Fitzwalter [d.1461] – blue

William Bourchier, Lord Fitzwaurin or Fitz-Warine [still active 1469] – white and red [?]

Henry Lord Grey of Codnor [d.1496] – red and green

Edmund, Lord Grey of Ruthin and Earl of Kent in 1465 [d.1490] – red

Sir James Harrington [d.after 1497] – black [?]

William, Lord Hastings [d.1483] – dark red [or purple] and blue

Henry VI [d.1471] – white and blue

Henry VII – white and green

William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke [d.1469] – blue and red

John Howard, Duke of Norfolk [d.1485] – red

Thomas Howard [d.1524] – red and white

Thomas Talbot, Viscount Lisle or L’Isle [d.1470] – blue

Robert, 3rd Lord Hungerford and Lord Molynes [d.1464] – red and green

Francis, Viscount Lovell [died after 1487?] – blue and yellow

Thomas Fitzalan, Lord Maltravers, 12th Earl of Arundel in 1487 [d.1524] – black

John Neville, Lord Montague, earl of Northumberland 1464-1470 [d.1471] – red and black

Walter Blount, Lord Mountjoy – blue

John Neville 2nd Earl of Westmoreland [d.1461] – black and red

John Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk [Ist d.1461, 2nd d.1476] – blue and red

Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland [2nd earl d.1455, 3rd earl d.1461, 4th earl d.1489] – red and black

John De Vere, Earl of Oxford [Ist d. 1462, 2nd d. 1512] – orange or orange tawney

John Paston [d.1479] – red

Jasper Tudor, Earl of Pembroke [d.1495] – white and green

Edward Poynings [active in 1485] – red

Richard of Gloucester/Richard III [d.1485] – murrey and blue

Anthony Woodville, Earl Rivers and Lord Scales [d.1483] – green [but noted as blue and tawney at a tournament of 1478]

Richard Woodville, Earl Rivers [d.1491] – green

Thomas, Lord Roos [d.1464] – blue and yellow

Edmund, Earl of Rutland [d.1460] – murrey and blue

Richard Neville, Earl of Salisbury, 2nd Earl of Westmoreland, [d.1460] – red and black

John, Lord Scrope of Bolton [d. 1498] – white

John Talbot, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury [1st d. 1460, 2nd d. 1473] – red and black

Henry Beaufort, Duke of Somerset [d.1464] – white and blue

Thomas, Lord Stanley later Earl of Derby [d.1504] – orange tawney and green

William Stanley [d.1495] – red

John De La Pole, Duke of Suffolk [d.1491] – blue and yellow

Humphrey Talbot [active until at least 1483] – black and white

Rhys Ap Thomas ‘The Raven’ [active until at least 1485] – white

Richard Tunstall [d.1491] – black and white [?]

Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick [d.1471] – red

Lionel, 6th Lord Welles [d.1461] – black and red?

John, Lord Wenlock [d.1471] – white Henry Willoughby – blue

Robert, Lord Willoughby [d.1501] – red and white

Richard, Duke of York [d.1460]- blue and white

John, Lord Zouche [d.1526] – black and murrey [murrey and purple were often confused]

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Monday, 18 July 2016

Rebaseathon Part II (10mm Britons)

Now then,

Here is part 2 of my mass rebasing madness. These have been finished a while but, like the Romans before them were never photographed properly....

So here we go:

4 Units of Skirmishers

6 Units of Light Cavalry

6 Units of Light Chariots

I normally mix the light chariots and cavalry up and count them all as being the same in TTS.

The main part of this army is the masses of warband infantry. 

I have 22 bases of warband infantry, each with between 24 - 30 figures on each base. No wonder they took so long to paint!

 I really like the mass effect with this army, whilst the miniatures aren't my best painted, its still one of my favorite armies.

A few pics of the masses! Infantry block in the centre, cavalry and chariots on the wings and a reserve of infantry waiting behind.

For more have a look here

Cheers for looking!

Re-baseathon part I (10mm Romans)

Now then,

I have rebased alot of stuff recently. I thought id best get some of it photographed and get the blog updated, as ive been neglecting it of late.

So a few months ago now I rebased my 10mm ancient collection off the old 40mm x 20mm warmaster bases to new big bases for To the Strongest, or Impetus.

So, without further ado, here they are:


8 Legionary Cohorts

Each Legionary cohort has 24 models, in 3 ranks.

To the right you can see the mass effect that can be achieved with 10mm!

Legion artillery

Veteran Cohorts,  these could be the 1st Cohort, or Pratorian guard units.

Slightly different figures, and ive painted them with white tunics to make them stand out a bit.


4 units of Auxiliary spearmen, pretty much the same as the Legionaries.

 I could use the Auxilley units as spearmen, or light infantry, depending on the battle being fought.

Auxiliary Archers


Mercenary Cavalry. (these are actually republican Roman cavalry....)

Roman Cavalry

The full army, including the commanders and heros etc, which are individually based.

For more 10mm ancients see my Invasion of Britain page here

Cheers for looking,
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