Tuesday, 31 May 2016

End of May Update

Now then,

May has been a productive month for me, I have managed to get alot of painting done, and also managed to get 3! games in as well.

So what did I get painted?

15mm ECW

Prince Ruperts regiment of Horse

Thomas Astons Dragoons

John Innes Dragoons

15mm Sci/Fi

These are all Khurasan Miniatures, painted up for Gruntz 15mm.

There is a full platoon there and a couple of battle suits in support.

6mm Napoleonic

 I painted up 2 new Regiments of French Ligne (line) infantry, the 105th Regiment, and the 17th regiment.

Below can be seen the core of my first French Corps. Next im going to get my Legre (light) infantry Regiment done.

The 17th has an attached artillery battery. I like to model the gun and crew onto the base, with 6mm its perfectly do-able!

All the 6mm Napoleonics for Blucher can be seen here

And finally...

A 15/18mm AB Napoleonic (Austrian Grenadier) test figure!

Really nice figure to paint but struggling with the white at this scale..

Anyway that's me for this month!

Next month ill do another brigade of 6mm French then maybe some epic, just for a change!

Cheers for looking,

Saturday, 28 May 2016


Now then,

I have added a new page for my old Necromunda figures, I sold them last year but thought id keep the photos on my blog for old times sake!

Click Here for a direct link to the page and all the gangs.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

2 games in 2 Days!

Now then,

I have been lucky enough to have 2 games this weekend!Firstly on Saturday James popped down for a game of Battlegroup Kursk. It was only a small game, based mostly on the introductory scenario in the Kursk book. It went really well and I like the Battlegroup rules alot. 
James has written a great report over on his blog -
 the mad tin hatter HERE

The second game was with Pete, Stuart and myself having our first game of Impetus Baroque, using our newly painted English Civil war Armies.

It was another cracking game, and it looked ace on Petes terrain.

Both games were really good fun and ill be playing them both again in the near future!

Cheers for looking,

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Austrian I Korps Complete, Advance Guard Brigade and Hussars

Now then,

My Austrian I Korps is complete, the Advance Guard Brigade and the 10th Hussars have now been rebased and sorted out too.

The Advance Guard Brigade.

This is a mixed unit, with line infantry, cavalry and Jagers. They have a good skirmishing ability and benefit from being a mixed unit.

Here we have the 1st Jager Bn, the 6th Rosenburg Chevauxlegers, and the 1st Bn IR 10 Kheul.

The 10th Hussars.

Here is my first Cavalry unit, those Hussar uniforms are "interesting" to paint in 6mm!

Notice the extra dice holder, because the hussars have an especially high Elan rating.

I Korps complete!

So there is the first of my 3 "regular" Korps completed. I will also be having a reserve Korps which will of course contain the Grenadiers and heavy cavalry.

All my 6mm Napoleonic stuff can be seen here

Cheers for looking,

Monday, 16 May 2016

Austrian I Korps, Other infantry...and some guns

Now then,

Here are some more of the troops that will form my Austrian army I Korps for Blucher. This time I have the more interesting infantry units, a nice change from painting white!

I have included the Korps artillery support which comes in the form of 3 batteries of Horse artillery massed together to form a grand battery.

The Vienna Volunteers. (disclaimer- The flags are incorrect, they are old 7 years war flags, I used them because I wanted them to look different....Imagine they borrowed them from a local church, where they have been hanging for years...)

These are conscripts as shown on their base label.

The 13th Grenz Regiment.

One of the few units to have a respectable skirmish rating. Alot of discussion has taken place about the quality of these troops, so ive made some conscript, and others (this one included) as trained.

The Horse Artillery.

The Austrians never had enough horses for their artillery so many of the gunners rode on the guns themselves, and were a bit slower then other nations true horse batteries.

I need to have a rethink about how im going to mark off the Artillery ammo too..... Thedice holder isnt going to work..Doh!

Next up will be the advance guard, and a regiment of Hussars!

To see them all click here

Cheers for looking,

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Austrian I Korps Line Infantry

Now then,

Here is the line infantry that will form the backbone of my I Korps (in my fictional/generic) Austrian force.

It consists of 3 line regiments, each 3 battalions strong. There are 2 German Regiments and 1 Hungarian Regiment.

IR 44 Bellegarde

I have put the occasional casualty figure on the bases, as it looks like they are in the heat of battle!

On the rear is a small information strip, as well as a mini dice holder for tracking Elan in Blucher.

IR 46 Neugebauer

This unit has an attached battery of guns, so I modeled an actual gun on the base, as well as noting it on the information strip on the back.

IR 2 Erzherzog Ferdinand

This is a large Hungarian Regiment, Each of the battalions are bigger, and they are distinguished by their Blue trousers.

I may have crammed too many figures on the Hungarian bases!!

Here are all 3 line regiments, ready to take on the accursed Frenchmen!

Next ill post up some pics of the Advance Guard, Grenz, Landwher and Artillery units.

All my Napoleonics can be seen here.

Cheers for looking,

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

New page, Blucher in 6mm.

Now then,

I have started a new page for my ongoing 6mm Napoleonic saga. I have re-based most of my Austrians onto new big bases, and I have even started the French!

There isn't a great deal on there at the moment but as I get stuff finished off the page will fill up pretty quickly im sure!

Click on the tap at the top, or just click here

Cheers for looking,

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Colonel John Innes's Regiment of Dragoons.

Now then,

Here is the final regiment done for my ECW project. Again, information is scarce so I have made the colours up, Colonel Innes's Dragoons are green coated, with a generic green flag. it works for me, as most of my troops are either red or blue coats so a bit of green was a welcome change.

As with the other dragoon unit I have used a mix of mounted and dismounted troops.

In a display of perfect military planning, just as I was finishing the bases on my last unit, the Baroque rulebook arrived!

Great stuff.

Here is a quick, slightly crappy photo of the full army, painted in record time for me, I think I started in early January and am now finished. The full army in more detail can be seen  - HERE

 Whats next?

6mm Napoleonic French for a nice change I think, I have loads to get through so they will keep me busy and out of trouble for a good while i should think.

Cheers for looking,

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