Saturday, 7 May 2016

Colonel John Innes's Regiment of Dragoons.

Now then,

Here is the final regiment done for my ECW project. Again, information is scarce so I have made the colours up, Colonel Innes's Dragoons are green coated, with a generic green flag. it works for me, as most of my troops are either red or blue coats so a bit of green was a welcome change.

As with the other dragoon unit I have used a mix of mounted and dismounted troops.

In a display of perfect military planning, just as I was finishing the bases on my last unit, the Baroque rulebook arrived!

Great stuff.

Here is a quick, slightly crappy photo of the full army, painted in record time for me, I think I started in early January and am now finished. The full army in more detail can be seen  - HERE

 Whats next?

6mm Napoleonic French for a nice change I think, I have loads to get through so they will keep me busy and out of trouble for a good while i should think.

Cheers for looking,


  1. The army overview looks great, very symetrical and just neat. An inspiration, as I am sure your Napoleonic French will be!

    1. Cheers Edzard, Im looking forward to doing the frogs, they should look OK enmasse!

  2. Beautiful, truly beautiful!


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