Saturday, 30 April 2016

Prince Maurice

Now then,

I have painted up my third commander for my ECW Royalist army, Prince Maurice.

For a bit of information on him see here - Maurice

For all my ECW see here - ECW


Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Kings Lifeguard of horse.

Now then,

I have been busy this month trying to get as much of my English civil war miniatures finished as I can, my latest unit completed is the Kings Lifeguard of horse. I also recently painted up the King himself.

The Kings Lifeguard.

King Charles I, with a small command group and the Royal banner.

Here is everything I have painted this month, 2 cavalry regiments, 1 light gun, 1 foot regiment and a command base, not bad going I think.

Below is the army so far, its come together quite quickly, and there is only 1 cavalry regiment left to do and 1 regiment of dragoons. I will also do another command base I think then call it done!

All my ECW stuff can be seen here - ECW page

Thanks for looking,

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Update on the April Painting challenge

Now then,

So I managed to get a cavalry regiment and a foot regiment done already this month,as well as a light gun. Im going to try and get another cavalry unit done and a command base, I think ill do King Charles I, with a small command group.

Its not too much really so I should get them done,

Updates soon!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

New house, new painting/hobby room!

Now then,

I thought I would throw a couple of pictures up of my new paining room, its still a work in progress, as I intend to get some proper shelving and a glass cabinet for some of my armies, but for now it certainly does the job.

Boxes of painted miniatures, games and terrain, currently stacked up on the floor, I have grand plans for some decent shelving and glass cabinets.

The old bookcase sits in the corner, it will be replaced when I get the shelving put in.

On there are the first gaming books I ever bought, 40k Rogue Trader and Warhammer 3rd, with the supplements.

Here is where I spend most of my time, painting and generally making a mess!

Tucked away under the desk is part of the lead mountain.... In various boxes and containers....

Anyway, bit of a random post, just chuffed I have my own geek space finally!!


Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Lord Byrons regiment of Foote

Now then,

Here,s the latest Unit for my ECW project, Lord Byrons Regiment of Foote. I couldn't find any uniform info or coat colours so decided I wanted a white coated Regiment so here we are!

This is the last foot unit for a while, so ill be cracking on with some more cavalry next before moving onto the dragoon regiment.

All the ECW stuff can be seen here - LINK

Cheers for looking,

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Prince Maurice's Regiment of Horse, April Challenge update!

Now then,

Here the first unit done from my MMM April challenge, Its Prince Maurice's Regiment of Horse, a Royalist Cavalry regiment from the English Civil War.

These have all been painted in the last few days, whilst on the regular paint and chat sessions on google hangouts.

Whilst I was doing the cavalry I painted up a light gun as well.

 Here is the light gun, generic clothing for the crew, it could easily serve for Parliament as well.

All my ECW stuff so far can be seen here -


All these troops will form part of my ECW Royalist army for Impetus Baroque.

Next up will be Lord Byrons regiment of foot, a white coated regiment. (Actually I couldnt find any references to the coat colours of this unit so just decided they would be white..!)

Anyway, cheers for looking,

Monday, 4 April 2016

The plan for April.

Now then,

I have been very quiet around here recently, what with sorting my house out and moving in etc, but now im here I think its time to start getting some proper painting done (figures not walls......)

James over on the the mad tin hatter blog has started a painting challenge for April, so I thought id jump in, and try and motivate myself. click on the link below to find out what its all about -

April Challenge!

So im going to try and paint up the following (in no particular order) -

Lord Byrons Regiment of Foot - 28 figs
Prince Maurices Regiment of Horse - 9 figs
1 light gun and 3 crew.

All these are 15mm figs from peter pig.

Ill see how I get on!


Sunday, 3 April 2016

First game in new house!

Now then,

I have moved! (again).... This time its different though, I have moved into my own house, and have my own geek room, and use of the dining room downstairs for the occasional game. (once my planned shed is built I can have bigger games and leave stuff set up etc).

Anyway, my brother popped down for a game of Rapid Fire this afternoon, a good quick game was had, with the soviet defenders (me) beating off the mighty SS with relative ease.

No battle report as such, but heres a few pics.

German forces mass on the right flank,which causes a traffic jam and a juicy target for artillery!

The Pz III Bn sweeps over the low hills towards the outskirts of the distant town and the main objective.

T34's arrive later in the game and its game over for the already struggling SS battlegroup.

Despite the Germans terrible luck with the dice, it was a fun game, and really nice to get my terrain out and set up. Hopefully we will have a rematch later in the week, where we will be swapping sides and playing the same scenario.

Anyway, cheers for reading, updates soon!

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