Saturday, 21 September 2013


Now then,

Here are some more pictures of my epic collection, this time its the Eldar. Elves in space with pointy heads....

Eldar Bikers, with viper jetbikes as support.

All older figs.

I have 4 such units, so the Eldar are a fast moving army, good at hit and run attacks, but fragile if they get pinned down.

One of the Guardian warhosts, mounted in Wave serpents.

 The original falcon grav tank, AKA the cheese wedge! I think they are ok still. but I use them as wave serpents, (APCs)

Eldar rangers, with camo cloaks. but bright blue helmets....;)

Tempest (cheers Tim) heavy Grav tanks, very old original versions.

 The Avatar and all the aspect warriors, the best troops in the army.

The full army as it stands. All these figures are in storage in the UK, which is a shame as i'm itching for a game... And the boys have shown a bit of interest..

Eldar Phantom Titan, another ebay win, i had to bid on weapons separately and it took awhile to get some, although i think one of the guns should be on a warlock titan, but so what eh?

After a long period immersed in thinners and a lot of scrubbing later I think this old model painted up quite nicely.


Friday, 20 September 2013


Now then,

I have been playing wargames for many years, and like many my first introduction to the hobby was via games Workshop. However, I first started seriously collecting and painting with the original Space Marine game way back in 1989. I'm not quite sure why but i still love the Epic game, and I spend a ridiculous amount of time trawling ebay for the older figures.

In 2004 I started to collect some new armies for the latest version of the game, Epic Armageddon. This version is arguably the best version yet, although it has been "dropped" by the powers that be at GW HQ. There are however rumours that they plan to bring it back in some form next year....

So here are a few archive pictures of my epic forces, all of which are in storage so i can't get at them to take better pictures.

The Crimson Templars are a chapter of my own devising, basically I wanted some red marines, but not blood angels, cos they are silly.. Ok they are all silly, but blood angels are

The image to the left is one I found on the internet, resized it serves as my chapter banner.
Devastator Detachment 2nd Company

3rd Battle company

These old whirlwind tanks are a personal favorite, the one on the right is entirely scratch built out of milliput!

The full army consists of 3 full battle companies plus various supporting elements.

Mix of old and new vehicles

The newer vehicles, while the designs are ok, aren't as good as the older versions, very badly cast too. It took a lot of effort to remove all the mould lines etc of these buggers.

 An Old School Warlord Titan. I tried to paint it in a more "realistic" colour scheme, and think it came out ok, for a nearly 25 year old second hand ebay win!

I also have an Eldar army, which ill post up pictures of next. I have started collecting the stuff again, and have a sizable Novamarine force and the start of a Mantis Warrior army to oppose them in the Badab war ! Of course, pictures to follow.


Thursday, 19 September 2013

OLD SCHOOL 40K #1 Colonel Schaeffers Last chancers

Now then,

Here is another blast from the past, anyone remember these?

Its cooled down a bit now, so hopefully in a week or so ill be able to start painting again.


Sunday, 15 September 2013

Necromunda #5 Ratskin Renegades

Now then,

Heres the final Gang in my collection, the Ratskin Renegades. This is my most recently painted gang, done in 2001.

Well, that concludes my little look back at some of my older miniatures, hopefully it will start to cool down soon, so I can get back to doing some painting.

Cheers for looking,

Necromunda #4 House Van Sarr

Now then,

Welcome to the next installment, this time I have my favorite gang, house Van Sarr. Hi tech looking guys that could be used in multiple games, such as Tomorrows war for example.

Next time Ill post some pictures of my final gang, the Ratskin Renegades.

Cheers for looking,

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Necromunda #3 Scavvies

Now then,

As promised here are the underhive scum, the Scavvies. Slightly more recently painted, IIRC 2000-01 ish....

I am planning to get some painting done, on my painting table at the moment I have more Persians, 15mm Germans and some epic 40k stuff. Unfortunately its just too hot and Humid at the moment to even consider trying...

Until next time,

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Necromunda #2 Clan Escher

Now then,

Welcome to part 2 in my look back at my old necromunda gangs, sadly never really used much, they have all been in storage for years.

This Gang was painted many moons ago by my brother:

Next time ill post up pictures of the Scavvies!


Sunday, 8 September 2013

Necromunda #1 House Cawdor

Now then,

Since I haven't painted anything for what seems ages (because of the heat) I thought i'd put up some old pictures of my Necromunda collection... Painted around 1994-5.

these figures along with many others haven't seen the light of day for many years now, one day i plan to have a gaming room/shed, which will contain some glass cabinets displaying all these old miniatures, as I could never sell them, but probably will never use them again either.

Next up will be the gopping looking underhive scum, the Scavvies.

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