Sunday, 24 May 2015

Rapid Fire Soviet Rifle Regiment

Now then,

Since ive moved back to the UK ive been fortunate enough to meet up a few times with a group of gamers in the area, and although ive previously banged on about firstly bolt action then Battlegroup Kursk, the lads are really into Rapid fire. So a bit of sorting out was in order.

First I bought the 2nd edition rapid fire rules, and having had a read through they are dead simple, and the great thing about them is that you can really get all your toys on the table and fight some big battles.

Heres a link to the Rapid Fire website - Rapid Fire
For some more info on Rapid fire, battle reports and loads of cool pictures see the storm of steel blog, here - Storm of Steel

I have sorted out my old Soviet hordes from my days playing Flames of war into a soviet rifle division, with supporting tanks etc.... I have hundreds of them!

Soviet rifle divisions typically consisted of 3 rifle regiments, each containing 3 rifle battalions, with regimental support in the form of A/T guns etc.

Here's one Regiment:

Regimental HQ

CO + 5 men 1 Jeep, 1 Radio Truck.

Gun Battery - 1 x 76.2mm Field/AT gun, 1 Truck
AT battery - 2 x long barreled 45mm AT gun, 2 Trucks
AA Platoon - 1 x 37mm AA, 1 x Prime mover.

SMG Company - 6 Figs

3 x Rifle Battalions, each of the following:

CO + 4 AT Rifle

Coy - 8 Figs
Coy - 8 Figs
Coy - 8 Figs

Sp Coy
1 x 82mm Mortar
1 x50mm Mortar
1 x Maxim MMG

So that's the full strength rifle regiment done, I also have 2 reduced strength rifle regiments, with just 2 battalions each, and limited support. Also I have 2 independent tank battalions and a heavy tank battalion as well as attached assault guns and tank destroyers...artillery....rocket battery... etc..

Ill do a separate post on each of the formations when they are completed. All the figures were painted about 12 years ago, but need lots of repairs and stuff.

Next time Ill put up some pictures of my Das Reich division SS troops, who will be trying to batter a way through all the hordes of Russians!


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Order of St John

Now then,

I have actually done some painting, for the first time in months!

I have painted up an additional unit of Hospitaller Knights for my Crusades Impetus army, and while I was at it I re-did the flag on the original one to match,  the old one wasn't exactly very good....

Anyway here are the Order of St John ready to bring justice to gods enemies!

Hopefully ill have some more Crusader Knights finished shortly, as the army is expanding (again)!

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