WW2 Eastern Front

 The Eastern Front during WW2 was a truly epic conflict, millions of troops on both sides clashed along thousands of miles of the ever changing front lines. The forces of the third Reich were finally stopped in Russia, and slowly beaten back to Berlin.

Here are my forces for Flames of War, in my humble attempt to recreate some of these battles fought 70 odd years ago. I have decided to focus on the Kursk campaign in 1943, however I stray from one battle to another so my lists tend to be slightly generic.

The Waffen SS

Supermen? Or just well motivated troops with access to the best kit? Needless to say these units were responsible for some terrible crimes and atrocities, I make no apologies for including them in my miniature collection, they played an important part in the fighting in the East, what happened behind the lines was shameful and tarnished the reputation of these fighting units forever.

I have based my forces on the Das Reich Division, and specifically the 1st battalion Infantry regiment Deutschland. An armoured panzer grenadier unit.

 I have chosen to paint my troops in summer Oakleaf camouflage, a pattern that was unique to the Waffen SS during the war.
The SS forces can be seen in more detail in a blog post HERE

Company Headquarters

 The company Commander

 The company second in command

 The company headquarters complete with anti tank rifle section and optional sPzB41 Anti tank rifle which is mounted on a small gun carriage

Infantry Platoon 1.

Infantry Platoon 2

Motorised Pz Grenadier Platoon

 Heavy Platoon

Tank Hunter Platoon

 3 x Marder IIIH tank destroyers

 Light AA Platoon

 3 x Sdkfz 10/5 2cm AA carriers

Assault Gun Platoon

 2 x Stug IIIG Assault guns

 Anti Tank Platoon

2 x Pak 38 50mm Anti tank guns

Reconnaissance patrol.

Lots more to come!

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