Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Ancient Britons vs EIR, To the Strongest!

Now then,

Not a battle report as such but a few pics of our game this evening. Stuart popped down for a game of To the Strongest, and took control of the Legions of Rome whilst the unruly warbands of the Britons were mine.

Turn 1 saw the armies advancing, the British light chariots racing to outflank the Romans.

The blue beads are ammo markers, so in TtS units have a limited ammo supply. Although you can stockpile more in your baggage train / camp.

The Legions charge in, throwing their pilums as they do. The red beads denote disorder.

Here, the British hero is about to be unleashed, and promptly die....

 The light Chariots are bogged down on both flanks, on the left by the Equites Alares......

And on the right by the Legionary Cohorts.

Eventually the Legionary's were outflanked and the Britons rolled up their line. Just as the Roman Auxilleries started to have some success on the other flank.

Thats our second game of TtS now, and we are getting used to the rules, although a few mistakes were made. The Romans wont be beaten quite so easily next time, now that we have re-read the rallying rules!

Cheers to Stuart for the game.  Right, id better get these bases finished off on the Romans, (the horror, gaming with unfinished figures!)


Sunday, 20 December 2015

To the Strongest Gaming mat

Now then,

I have had a productive few days, firstly I have made a gaming mat for to the strongest, and ive also re based and reorganized my 10mm Ancient British army.

The army is compatible with Impetus as well, although I have reduced the depth of the mounted bases so I can get 2 units on a grid square in TtS.

Heres some pics.

Here is the full army set up on the new gaming mat. Although To the Strongest uses a grid, it doesn't have to be in your face obvious, I have tried to make mine as subtle as I can whilst still being able to see it.

Here is a closer look at the base mat. Its just a sheet of hessian, bought from a local material shop for about 2 quid. I just slapped some paint on it in various shades of green, then used a green permanent pen to mark the corners of the boxes.

Here are some more random pics!

22 warband bases each of 20 figures!

The light cavalry and chariots are pretty much the same in TtS, and ive ended up with 6 of each.

Next up will be my Early Imperial Romans, and another mat, this time a desert / arid one for the Crusaders and the Greek and Persian wars.

Cheers for looking

Thursday, 17 December 2015

To the Strongest

Now then,

I have just bought the new (ish) ancients rules by Simon miller, called to the strongest. Im sure most gamers with an interest in ancients have heard of or probably already own them. I remember reading about the rules when they were first released, and have to admit I wasnt remotely interested. why? well, firstly the battlefield is a grid..... then there are no dice? whats this all about then?

Well having had a look at a mates rulebook, it has unexpectedly piqued my interest, so a couple of days ago we had a small game, just to try out the rules, and I have to say it is a great game. Its simple, straight forward and very bloody. There is no measuring, because of the grid, no fiddly wheeling etc, and everything else is worked out using playing cards, no charts of dice roll modifiers to wade through.... Hopefully ill have my own copy by the end of the week!

The little gaming group im part of are quite keen on it so I expect ill be playing this quite a bit. Which can only be good.

Heres a few links -

To the Strongest Forum

Online store -  BigRedBat shop

Simon Millers Blog -   BigRedBat Cave

Cheers for reading

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Light Troops for the Crusaders!

Now then,

I have just finished off my Turcopoles and light infantry archers for my crusader army. That pretty much finishes the project off, both armies are now well over 500 points (for Impetus) so not much more needed....

2 units of Turcopole light cavalry.

2 units of skirmishing archers.

Im now looking forward to getting them on a gaming table sometime!

Heres a link to the full army - Crusaders

Cheers for looking,
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