Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Light Troops for the Crusaders!

Now then,

I have just finished off my Turcopoles and light infantry archers for my crusader army. That pretty much finishes the project off, both armies are now well over 500 points (for Impetus) so not much more needed....

2 units of Turcopole light cavalry.

2 units of skirmishing archers.

Im now looking forward to getting them on a gaming table sometime!

Heres a link to the full army - Crusaders

Cheers for looking,


  1. Love your Turcopoles, excellent job and great bases !

  2. Nice work Yorkie, I am sure the figures are much more lighter in real life. They do look very good.
    If your background is white, you have a very common "white balance" option on photo editors that let's you have colors that close to the real thing.

    1. Hi Braxen, I think im just out of practice with the photography, its been a while and I no longer have the same set up. Im moving house again soon, so hopefully ill have the opportunity to get something permanent sorted out. Ill have a look at the photos and see if I can improve them though,



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