Thursday, 17 December 2015

To the Strongest

Now then,

I have just bought the new (ish) ancients rules by Simon miller, called to the strongest. Im sure most gamers with an interest in ancients have heard of or probably already own them. I remember reading about the rules when they were first released, and have to admit I wasnt remotely interested. why? well, firstly the battlefield is a grid..... then there are no dice? whats this all about then?

Well having had a look at a mates rulebook, it has unexpectedly piqued my interest, so a couple of days ago we had a small game, just to try out the rules, and I have to say it is a great game. Its simple, straight forward and very bloody. There is no measuring, because of the grid, no fiddly wheeling etc, and everything else is worked out using playing cards, no charts of dice roll modifiers to wade through.... Hopefully ill have my own copy by the end of the week!

The little gaming group im part of are quite keen on it so I expect ill be playing this quite a bit. Which can only be good.

Heres a few links -

To the Strongest Forum

Online store -  BigRedBat shop

Simon Millers Blog -   BigRedBat Cave

Cheers for reading


  1. Nice one. It's a great set of rules all right.

  2. Let's have a look when you get it?

    1. Yeah mate ill bring it with me next time im up at yours.

  3. Cool. It's on my list of future purchases for sure. cheers


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