Wednesday, 26 October 2016

An update!

Now then,

Its been a while since i updated my blog, however I have been very busy painting and gaming!

So whats new?


I have finished off my first 1000 points for my late war German list for Flames of War.

Here is a few pics of what ive been doing.

 This was my first game of FOW for years, German Grenadiers vs the 51st highland division in Normandy 1944.

I think the Brits won quite convincingly!

More terrain needed to hide behind!

Also for my WW2 FOW stuff I went back to the mid war period in Russia and added a lorried Pz Grenadier platoon for my SS forces.

And for another option I have added an armoured car patrol, with a 223 command variant and 2x 222's.

Lion Rampant in 15mm

I have started a new (very small) project, the wars of the roses in 15mm for the skirmish game lion Rampant, nice and quick and only costing a few quid.

Here's what ive got done so far -

Viscount Lovell and his band of retainers.

Miniatures are peter Pig

 Lord Dacre of the South, and his retainers.

To the Strongest

I have been playing to the strongest a fair bit as well, its such a fun, easy game to play. No brain ache.. Which can only be good!

Heres a few dodgy pics of my last game using 6mm WOTR, on a small gaming board. It worked really well, however I must replace all the little beads with proper ammo markers and victory medals/coins etc....

Anyway, thats about it for now, Ill try a bit harder to keep the blog updated in future...

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