Invasion of Britain AD43

Early Imperial Rome, and the Invasion of Britain


This is another project i started about 10 years ago, originally for warmaster ancients, but now ill be using them for To the strongest, and Impetus.

All the miniatures in the Roman force are pendraken 10mm, except a couple of cavalry men that are irregular miniatures.  

When the army was first designed and painted, I went for 10 legionary units, 4 Auxiliary units, 2 auxiliary bow units, 2 skirmisher units and 4 cavalry units with some bolt throwers as well.


Legion Artillery

Veteran Cohorts


Auxillery spearmen

Auxillery Archers


The full army

The Britons

Probably my favorite army, not the best painted by any means, but the mass effect with all the 10mm scruffy barbarians is pretty cool i think. This army took literally years to paint, with more than a few distractions along the way, as painting so many tiny shields etc became tedious to say the least.

Again, this army was designed for warmaster ancients, but has been rebased for Impetus or TTS.


Light Cavalry

Light Chariots

 I normally just meix them together during games, so I have 12 units of Light cav/chariots.

Warband Infantry

The full army.


  1. Fantastic looking 10mm armies, I do like the Britons with their chariots!

  2. Excellent work, I have been thinking about Romans as the next period I should explore, you are certainly swaying me...

  3. Looking good, Don't rebase for HC I reckon playing them just as WMA (3 stands being 1 unit 120x20) is just as good as when we played the with double depth units at CACK . Just my 2p:-)


    1. I know mate, but... I think the Impetus style bases look better :-)

    2. You know, now ive thought about it, ill probably leave them alone....


  4. nice army, where do you buy this Roman Miniatures ?


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