Saturday, 14 January 2023

Analogue Hobbies catch up!

 Now then,

So ive not updated this blog for a bit, heres what ive completed so far for the painting challenge, in no particular order.

So first up is 24 Rohan Oathsworn Militia. Old sculpts now but still look great on the table.

To go with them i have painted and textured some movement trays for my LOTR game of choice, War of the Ring.

Next we have some Orcs and Gobbos! 

These are my Forest Goblin Spider riding characters. Ive been meaning to get these done for ages!

I especially like how the converted shaman came out.

Savage Orc Beserkers!!!

These are the random 4 Savage Orcs i had left over from my SAGA Age of Magic warband. I have painted them up as beserkers with the addition of the warpaint.

Some Terrain and civilians for my North Africa setup.

These are 3d prints I picked up at the Battleground show, I like to see this sort of scatter terrain on the table, markets, civilians etc.

The Civilians are from Perry miniatures, actually from the Crusades range. They fit in pretty well for pretty much any era though.

So, im enjoying the challenge so far, its keeping me motivated to continue getting through my backlog of unpainted stuff.

Cheers for taking a look,

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