Saturday, 2 March 2013

Later Achaemenid Persian re-base!

Good morning all,

Last night i finished off the first few units of my newly re-based Persian army. These all started life as a DBA Persian army, and a Kappadokian army has been added to bolster their numbers.

Here's a look at the original Persian army, all based up for DBA

A look at the Kappadokian army, again for DBA.

So the plan is to re-base all these figures for use in a Later Achaemenid Persian army for Impetus.  With obviously minimal new purchases!  Although i will need quite a few new cavalry.

So without further ado....

 First of all I have done 2 units of Takabara. Javelin armed light infantry, very similar to Greek Peltasts.  In the Xyston DBA army box, you only get 12 of these figures, so instead of the usual 8 figures per FL unit, i've gone for 6.  I still think it looks OK.

Bow armed skirmishers, only 3 models, again I'm using what was in the Xyston army box set.

Skirmishers armed with slings.

The first of the Kappadokians, Bow armed skirmishers, which I will use as standard Persian archers.

Bactrian light cavalry.  A bow armed light cavalry unit, should be great for zipping about and generally being a nuisance to the slower moving Greek forces.

Although I don't like painting horses much, I put a bit more effort than normal into these, and I think they turned out OK.

The Guard infantry.  These is my favourite unit so far, led by a general, they will hopefully keep the infantry troops in line!

 I painted them as two separate units for DBA, so I when it came to re-basing them i've tried to show possibly different units of the guard , being urged forward by their General.

I'm not sure about the uniforms they are wearing, i sort of based them on pictures from the Osprey books, and other images i've seen about the web.

That's all for now, next time I will have the rest of the infantry, and I will endeavour to get some more cavalry finished off.

link to the full army - LINK

Cheers for reading


  1. Nice work on the rebase. Especially like your color palette.
    Have recently started doing the same as I can use them for both Impetus and Command and Colors.
    Will keep an eye on your progress.

  2. Those are lovely! Great colours.

    Cheers, Simon

  3. Thanks for the comments, the colours do stand out alot more now i've matt varnished them, all the detail was hidden under a coat of gloss varnish before.


  4. Fantastic work on the bases!

  5. Really nice job on those. Inspirational!


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