Sunday, 31 March 2013

System Troopers Command Team

Now then,

So my first "Multiple" is complete with the addition of my command team. The Platoon commander, his radio operator and 2 riflemen.

I decided to give one of the riflemen a head swap, just for a bit of variety, so he now has a heavily chopped up GW space marine head, plundered from my sons bits box.

I think the head is supposed to be half metal, hence the strange grooves on his head, but as he's a veteran, they will serve as scars..(maybe he should keep his helmet on)..

The Radio operator and the commander both have tablet type screens, I tried quite a few different methods when painting these, I tried painting maps etc, but it looked crap, so i went with what you see here.
The Rad Op had the small antenna removed and a spare Xyston spear put in its place, drilled in.

I'm now half way through the platoon, and I'm enjoying painting something different to what id normally do, but the Persians are undercoated too, and are making me feel guilty about not finishing them off....

The full force so far can be seen here - LINK

Cheers for looking,

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