Wednesday, 18 June 2014

More Mayhem, and a bit of EPIC too.

Now then,

Ive had another busy month so far, but ive managed to find some free time to get 4 units of half orc archers done for my Mayhem / KOW 10mm army.

Here they are,

All 4 units .

Heres a close up of one of the units. I have had a go at a bit of multilevel basing in an attempt to make the bases slightly more interesting, and to use up some of the old bases from earlier rebasing shenanigans.

Next for the 10mm Fantasy stuff will be some Humans, once they are done ill be putting in another order to Copplestone for some cavalry, wolf riders and characters.

I have also started painting my Epic scale Novamarines again, I have so may of them I think ill be painting them for ever!

Latest additions....

Here we have some landraider Helios. I have made these myself using missile turrets from steel crown productions, they should provide the landraider company some fire support!

This is a really old (vintage even!) metal multipart Rhino APC that I converted into a command varient using a comms pod from steel crown productions (SCP).

I really like the older Epic stuff, it reminds me of my youth.....

And finally, here are my converted land speeder typhoons,armed with missile pods, yep you guessed it, from SCP. My growing Epic collection can be seen in all its (small) Glory here EPIC PAGE

Thats it for now,

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  1. Coming along very nicely Steve :-) Really like the Epic stuff.



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