Sunday, 14 September 2014

Clearing the painting table. EPIC Tau

Now then,

I know i said I would crack on with the crusader stuff, but I had to clear the painting backlog thats been sat on the painting table far too long already. So this week I finished off my epic Tau army, it comes in at about 2000 points or there abouts. I have 1 more unit to do but to be honest im a bit sick of painting them so they will have to wait!

Heres what I have got done:

Tau pathfinders with sniper rifles. These are the excellent onslaught miniatures neo shinobi snipers.

I have continued with the multilevel bases, as I think they look much better than just the bog standard flat ones.

The full detachment, (they should have devilfish transports, but I have made up my own stats for them etc).

Another 3 Piranha recon craft, I can add these to either the snipers above, or the recon skimmer group.

Loads more crisis battlesuits, with a total of 2 shas el commanders.

I have also painted up the shas o. The biggest battlesuit, and the army commander. I can swap out one of the shas el commanders and use him in bigger games.... Or maybe ill just get some more battlesuits and give him his own unit...

Fusion head gunships.

I have reversed the colours on most of the heavy support units in the army, just for a bit of interest and to reduce the amount of white paint being used!

Hammerhead or railhead gunships, the tank killers of my army.

These should prove most useful when engaging marines and all the armour they tend to field.

The full formation, A nice armoured wedge!

Gun drones.

These can be added to alot of formations in the army, but ill probably attach them to the crisis battlesuits.

These are the spare gun pods from the hammerhead gunships, They fit the bill nicely I think.

Barracuda fighter bombers.

These are actually Dark Realm miniatures Kraytonian fighters, but as the "official" models are long OOP and the prices for them on ebay are just plain silly, these have been pressed into service.

I honestly prefer them anyway!

Barracuda's in tight formation on a bombing run!

The full army! (so far).

The great thing is, they all fit in 1 tray!

All my epic stuff can be seen HERE!

Thanks for looking,


EDIT -  These are next!

The Great Saladin himself!

Updates soon.


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