Sunday, 28 September 2014

German Comms teams

Now then,

Last week while waiting for my order from Legio Heroica (Crusades stuff) to turn up, I thought id paint up some of the Command decision 15mm stuff I bought a few weeks ago.

Comms relay team -1

I reckon I could use this as an observer team too.

Comms relay team -2

Wire team.

A very simple conversion, all I did was drill a small hole in the wire spool, and another in the guys hand, then attached a thin piece of wire, hopefully it looks like hes helping to guide the wire out.

These bases feature some grass tufts that I got from Tagima1 tufts, pretty good they are too.

Well, the crusades stuff turned up on Friday, along with a load of German tanks!  See below for a blurry picture of my small  painting desk/shelf in the cupboard! If you look closely you will see I have started on some Cavalry, updates soon!



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