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Command Decision 15mm. A short Review.

Now then.

Im not in the habit of doing reviews, in fact this is my first ever. Nonetheless, I thought people might be interested. I have recently got back into WW2 gaming namely because of the excellent ruleset that is BG Kursk.

In BG Kursk, it gives the player the option to field some unusual units, (stuff that is often overlooked in other games) such as wire teams, stretcher bearers, signals relay teams etc. Being a soldier myself, I obviously understand how important these things are, even if they are not as "glamorous" or heroic than the "teeth" arms, ie your tanks and infantry etc....

Anyway, I ordered some stuff from Skytrex (link on the right) last week, and they turned up in Cyprus yesterday.

Here's what I ordered:

1 x Opel Blitz command truck
1 x Set of German officers and signalers
4 x German motorcycles
1 x Set of German Casualties and stretcher bearers.
1 x Set of Russian Casualties and stretcher bearers.

Opel Blitz Command truck.

The command truck comes as a multipart metal and resin kit. As you can see from the pictures the command trailer is the resin part. 

My only slight concern with this kit is the separate cab roof, which looks like it might be quite tricky to get into the correct position, and may take a bit of faffing about to get right.

On the plus side, it allows you to put drivers in there before the roof goes on. You have to buy the crew figures separately, it would be nice if they were included in the kit though.

 The best part about the truck is the resin bit, the detail is really crisp, no bubbles in the resin, and it fits the metal chassis perfectly.

Overall, very happy with this kit, although the inclusion of some drivers would make it better.

German officers and signalers

This pack contains 10 different figures. Thats right all 10 are different, which for me is pretty cool. So, on the top row we have the various officers, and on the bottom, radio operators, including a guy (bottom centre) with a reel of comms wire on his back. Very useful figures, hardly any flash but with a few mold lines, especially on the helmets, easy enough to remove though.

These figures are great. I have lots of battlefront, and peter pig figures and these I would say are better than either.

German motorcycles

These are German dispatch riders, mounted on BMW bikes, really useful for BG Kursk. The pose is the same for all of them, but they are very detailed and there is only a small amount of flash, which should clean up in no time.

Also included are the separate dispatch bags, ill have to find out where to stick them, front or back?

I like em!

German and Russian Casualties and stretcher bearers. (might as well do them both together)

In the casualty packs you get 2 stretchers with casualties on them, 4 stretcher bearers to carry them and 5 casualties.

The quality of these sculpts is great, all the separate casualties are different, and the poor buggers look realistically posed, as if they have been thrown in a heap by an explosion etc...

The Russian pack was the same, except that it only had 4 casualties, but again all different sculpts, realistically posed.

The hands for the stretcher bearers will probably need to be drilled out, no problem really, if you have a pin vice or similar.


This lot cost me just over £20.00. Value for money? most definitely, really useful bits and bobs that alot of other manufacturers don't produce, or if they do, they are part of bigger packs of stuff that you may not need.

I have been guilty of overlooking Skytrex, in favour of the more well known Battlefront, but these really are worth a close look, they have a large range, and still do the squad packs, very useful for skirmish gamers.

Anyway, happy customer here, just need to get some paint on them now!


Cheers for reading,

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