Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Now then,

I have owned this game for a while now, Its a great game, and probably has the best components of ANY game ive seen. The makers of this game really have raised the bar when it comes to production values!

Last week, I decided id paint all the miniatures in the box. So 65 zombies and 6 survivors later, here is what Ive got:

The box itself is quite heavy, there is alot of stuff in there, besides all the minis, there are various counters, stat cards, equipment cards, zombie reinforcement cards, dice, double sided game/terrain tiles and of course the rulebook...

Well worth the retail price.

The Minis come packaged in these plastic blister thingys, then packed in a separate box. Here are the survivors, and the big bad guy, the Abomination!
The Desperate Survivors!

The Zombie Hordes!

The Abomination, a massively mutated creature, if this guy turns up then there is going to be trouble!

The Zombies come packaged in the same way as the survivors, in the plastic thing, then in a separate sturdy box. There are 2 trays of 32 Zombies in each.

Both trays are the same, However with a bit of paint, hopefully there is plenty of variation. So we have 3 different types of basic zombie. The walker, the most common type, then runners, fast movers who can upset your plans! Lastly there are the fatties, tough to kill but less numerous.


I hope you agree that having them all painted just looks far better than playing the game with the bare plastic. It adds a bit more atmosphere I think. As a big fan of the walking dead, I cant wait for my next game!

For more info about zombicide and its expansion sets etc have a look here -

Guillotine Games - Zombicide

You zombie bastards, you killed Kenny!!

Thanks for looking,


  1. Oh man! Great paint job! The way the game was MEANT to be played!

    1. Thanks, Im going to have to paint those space Hulk figures now as well!

  2. I agree, great miniatures with lots of action! You certainly managed to get through those Zombies. I am still plodding along, usually managing only 5 a week, if that.
    It is a great club game though as it allows lots of players & hordes of brain eaters. Looking forward to the 3rd Kickstarter arriving in the new year.

    1. Me too,Im going to get toxic city mall next, and maybe the missions book.

  3. Wonderful! That looks really terrific! I've also been tempted by this and would do a similar approach.

    1. Id go for it mate, good fun, gets the family playing too.


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