Wednesday, 17 June 2015

40k Legion of the Damned and Deathwatch marines for sale!

Now then,

My mass clearout continues, this time it is 2 squads of specialist Space Marines in the form of my Deathwatch Kill team, and the Legion of the Damned marines.

I have hesitated for a while about selling these, because I still kind of like them, but they have never been on a gaming table, and they were painted and put in a box well over a decade ago! Time for a new home I think....


The Deathwatch can be seen on the blog HERE

The Legion of the Damned

I really enjoyed painting this squad!

All my stuff for sale can be seen on my Ebay page HERE

Thanks for taking a look,



  1. Nice:-) they'll sell well. Cant beat a clear out:-) I got carried away with my last one left me with one 15mm DBA army and a 28mm Viking army 8-0

  2. I know what you mean about getting carried away, Im restricting the clearout to Fantasy and Sci Fi though, all the Historical stuff im keeping.


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