Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Rapid Fire Soviets vs SS first game

Now then,

Myself and Stuart had our first test game of Rapid Fire last week, it pitted 2 soviet rifle Battalions supported by a few anti tank guns with 4 T34/75's in reserve against an Armoured SS Pz Grenadier Battalion, supported by an assault gun company (2 x Stug IIIG)

The game played pretty quickly, and there weren't may occasions that we had to check the rule book, mainly the checking was to do with direct HE firing for some reason....

Anyway, the Pz Grenadiers made some headway against the Soviets at first but casualties were heavy, including the Bn CO who was taken out early on. Once the T34's arrived they destroyed both Stugs pretty quickly, and the SS lost their nerve and withdrew. The soviet rifleman who took out the command halftrack with his anti tank rifle was the star of the game (jammy dice rolling).

In the foreground you can see the Bn HQ halftrack burning, and another burning halftrack on the far left, The soviets can be seen emerging from the wheat field, outflanking my forces.

Heres a slightly blurry air reconnaissance shot of the T34's mauling my Stugs and halftracks, the 50mm Pak 38 is being hastily towed into position to try to hold them off... It didnt work!

All in all it was a very enjoyable game, nice and simple with plenty of toys on the table. Next game will be a bit bigger, with more armour!

Hopefully in the next few days ill have another Soviet rifle regiment finished off, as well as a tank brigade. The SS forces have also been sorted out/expanded as well so ill get some pics of those up soon too.



  1. Excellent, I love the B&W pictures, really atmospheric. I am glad you are enjoying Rapid Fire again. My mate has rewritten the firing rules, which we find to be a little clunky. When we've tried them out in a game, I shall write them up on my blog. Keep on Rapid Firing!!

    1. Sounds interesting, I look forward to having a look at what you come up with.

  2. Good to see you gaming again :-)


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