Thursday, 28 January 2016

Charles Gerrards Regiment of Foote

Now then,

Today I have finished off another foot Regiment for my ECW project. This time its a fairly famous regiment, Charles Gerrards Regiment. It seems to be quite popular with wargamers, probably because of the interesting quartered flags.

Anyway, here it is..

I am now about half way through my little foray into this period, I have a couple more Foot Regiments to paint, and 3 Cavalry Regiments.

Im going to add a unit of dragoons and some commanders too. After that I think ill have a break from them before doing another force, this time for the forces of Parliament.

Here is a quick snap I took of the army so far, sat on my paint box. You can see Prince Rupert there, undercoated and ready to be painted up.

Im nearly out of figures now so ill have to wait until next week at Vapnartak in York to get some more!

All the units so far can be seen here - ECW PAGE

Cheers for Looking,


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