Saturday, 23 January 2016

The Prince of wales Regiment of Horse

Now then,

I sat up last night watching the tabletop commanders paint and chat session on youtube, and I managed to get another unit for my Royalists painted.

The Prince of wales's Regiment of Horse. A red coated unit, surprisingly easy to paint, as I think I have finally got the magic wash about right.

Anyway heres some pics.

Again this unit is made from peter pig miniatures, and is a mix of their cavalry packs.

As I have mentioned previously, the units in my army are a bit too "uniformed" but it speeds up painting no end!

The flag is from wargames designs, very nice flags indeed and pretty cheap too!

So there we have it, another unit done!

All my units so far can be seen here - ECW page

For those of you curious about the tabletop commanders, here is a link to the blog - LINK

While I was watching, I also painted up these little chaps. They are 10mm Romans and Britons, to use as heroes in To the Strongest.

4 of each and individually based, they are like markers, or chits I suppose but look better than a cardboard counter.

Thanks to Stuart for the figs.

Cheers for looking,


  1. Another great looking unit of cavalry...excellent job!

  2. Excellent work! I really love the history of the ECW. Planning on getting to it myself in the future. Not sure what scale, although 10mm may do the trick.

    What rules are you fond of for this conflict, Steve?


    1. Hi Kurtus,

      We are not sure yet as we are quite new to gaming this period, we are keeping our options open, but mentioned so far are:

      Pike and Shotte - Warlord games
      Impetus Baroque - Impetus
      Regiment of Foote - Peter Pig (RFCM).

      Im just enjoying painting the minis at the moment!



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